2018 Supporter of the Year

Ryan Stallings - Little Rock Rangers

Ryan has taken the initiative to create an authentic and legitimate supporter group for Little Rock Rangers. Under his direction, the Red Watch has taken the game atmosphere to another level.

Jackie Carline - Detroit City FC

Jackie took over the head capo position and absolutely excelled in it, growing the supporter group.

Leithan Allen - Greenville FC

Leithan is a 3-year-old boy who encompasses passion and support. He is dedicated to his team for showing up to games (even away matches), tailgating events and watch parties. He entertains the crowd at halftime and has aspirations to play for Greenville FC one day.

Melissa Higgins - Kingston Stockade FC

Mellisa was key in introducing the game of soccer to the autistic community in the Hudson Valley through the Anderson Center’s adult residential program. She also helped organize the Dutch Guard’s pride month activism, as well as starting the iconic Orange Bandanna.