Disciplinary Report


Players, coaches, or other team staff receiving suspensions are not permitted to be an active member of the team during NPSL matchdays throughout the suspension. During matchdays, this includes but is not limited to:
  1. Being near or around the bench before or after the match
  2. Warming up with the team
  3. Participation in locker room or team meetings
  4. Shaking hands after the match

If suspended players are attending the match, they should do so from the stands (as a fan, in street clothes) and not as a member of the team. Players who are suspended cannot act as coach / manager or staff, and suspended staff or management cannot act as a player. Suspended players may practice on non-matchdays with the team during suspension.

Any red cards are assumed as a one (1) match minimum suspension, regardless if the suspension is communicated in a timely manner or appears on this report. Example: if a player gets a red card on a Saturday and has a match the next day on Sunday, the player is suspended for that Sunday match (at minimum). Playing the next match after a red card is the same as playing an illegal player and is subject to possible fine or forfeit.

Appeals are accepted for 3+ game suspensions only, and suspensions must be served during appeal proceedings. Appeals must be submitted, along with $150 appeal fee, within three business days from the time of suspension notification.

Please note the below policy for yellow card accumulations. Teams are responsible for tracking yellow cards and ensuring that players serve the appropriate suspension. The NPSL will distribute a memo to teams with details about expunging of yellow cards as we approach the playoffs.

4 cautions = 1 game 8 cautions = 2 games 12 cautions = 3 games

Questions should be directed to Paul Scott at officials@NPSLsoccer.net

Suspension Codes:

  1. Receiving a second caution in the same match (2CT)
  2. Denying a goal scoring opportunity by fouling (DGF)
  3. Denying a goal scoring opportunity by handling (DGH)
  4. Serious foul play (SFP)
  5. Violent conduct (VC)
  6. Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures (AL)
  7. Spitting (S)
  8. Irresponsible behavior (IB)
  9. Referee Abuse (RAB)
  10. Referee Assault (RA)
  11. Public criticism (PC)
  12. Yellow Card Accumulation (YCA)
AS OF 2018/05/26
Thomas George (coach)Junior Lone Star FC2018/05/25IB1 game 1 game remaining
Joey Caulk (coach)Demize NPSL2018/05/24AL1 game 1 game remaining
Benjamin Zakowski TSF FC2018/05/24SFP1 game 1 game remaining
Dalton SouderGreenville FC2018/05/242CT2 game2 games remaining
Nick Croucher Chattanooga FC2018/05/23DGF1 game 1 game remaining
Ryan Maxwell LC Aris FC2018/05/232CT1 game 1 game remaining
Thilo Wilke Palm Beach United2018/05/20VC1 game 1 game remaining
Diego Eduardo Resquin Miami United FC2018/05/202CT2 game2 games remaining
David OchoaMiami United FC2018/05/20VC1 game 1 game remaining
Isaiah Dairo East Bay FC Stompers2018/05/192CT1 game 1 game remaining
Lewis Sharpe Georgia Revolution2018/05/19VC1 game 1 game remaining
Victor Lessa Peres Inter Nashville FC2018/05/19VC1 game Served
Jovany Macias (coach)Midland-Odessa Sockers FC2018/05/19IB1 game Served
Mason Morise New Orleans Jesters2018/05/19VC1 game Served
Josh Cavenaugh (coach)Asheville City SC2018/05/19IB1 game Served
Abu Donzo Junior Lone Star FC2018/05/192CT1 game Served
Rich Balchan Atlantic City FC2018/05/19VC1 game 1 game remaining
Billy Stevens New York Cosmos B2018/05/15SFP1 gameServed
Francisco Juarez (coach)CD Aguiluchos USA2018/05/13IB1 game Served
Bengy Ruiz CD Aguiluchos USA2018/05/13SFP1 game Served
Victor RamirezCD Aguiluchos USA2018/05/13VC1 gameServed
Justin PicouTemecula FC2018/05/13YCA1 game 1 game remaining
Gregory Salazar FC Davis2018/05/13VC1 game Served
Elma Nfor Asheville City SC2018/05/13VC1 game Served
Andreas Davi (Coach)Milwaukee Torrent2018/05/13IB3 games1 game remaining
Kangni Gabianou FC Columbus 2018/05/13SFP2 game 1 game remaining
Osvaldo Velazques VazquezNapa Valley 1839 FC2018/05/12YCA1 game 1 game remaining
Roberto Lopez-EllisAcademica SC2018/05/12YCA1 game1 game remaining
Arnaldo Gutierrez Academica SC2018/05/12VC1 game1 game remaining
Brenton Frame Sonoma County Sol FC2018/05/12VC1 game Served
Antone Jarvis Dutch Lions FC2018/05/12DGF1 gameServed
Zanin Mahic East Bay FC Stompers2018/05/122CT2 game Served
Felix Dawson FC Indiana2018/05/11UB1 game Served
Merveil Kiese Georgia Revolution2018/05/08VC1 game Served
Prince BereEast Bay FC Stompers2018/05/05YCA1 game Served
Jim Rooney (Coach)Boca Raton FC2018/05/05IB1 game Served
Carlos Octavio Palacios Salazar Boca Raton FC2018/05/052 CT1 gameServed
Armando FloresOrange County FC2018/05/05YCA1 gameServed
Cameron Free Shreveport Rafters FC2018/05/052 CT 1 game Served
Jason Martinez (coach)Tyler FC2018/05/05IB1 gameServed
Burabari Nalelo Houston Regals SCA2018/05/052CT1 game Served
Jeminson Mejia Houston Regals SCA2018/05/05AL1 gameServed
Bennett SneddonOrange County FC2018/04/29DOGSO1 gameServed
DeBray HollimonFC Golden State2018/04/28YCA1 gameServed
Dominic Oduro FC Golden State2018/04/28SFP1 gameServed
Arnaldo GutierrezAcademica SC2018/04/21YCA1 gameServed
Luis RiveraOxnard Guerreros FC2018/04/21YCA1 game Served
Gustavo Tavera-Rico East Bay FC Stompers2018/04/21VC1 gameServed
Jorge LualuaNapa Valley 1839 FC2018/04/212CT1 gameServed
Elusma Pierre Miami United FC2018/04/21VC1 gameServed
Bryant Martin Gammiero Miami United FC2018/04/21VC1 gameServed
Tyler RuthvenMiami FC 22018/04/212CT1 gameServed
Dylan Mares Miami FC 22018/04/21VC1 game Served
Tyler FeelyFC Arizona2018/04/14YCA1 game Served
Arnol Arceta CD Aguiluchos USA2018/04/14VC1 gameServed
Team OwnerOrange County FC2018/04/07AL1 gameServed
Erlys Garcia FC Golden State2018/04/07VC1 game Served
Gabriel Esqueda (Coach)Riverside Coras 2018/04/07IB1 gameServed
Clay Silvas Sacramento Gold2018/04/07SFP1 gameServed
Bryan Marin Napa Valley 1839 FC2018/04/07VC1 gameServed
Victor Calderon Napa Valley 1839 FC2018/04/07DOGSO1 game Served
Luis Fernando Sampayo El Farolito 2018/04/072CT1 game Served
Aleks Berkolds ASC San Diego2018/04/07DOGSO1 game Served
Ramon NunezRiverside Coras2018/03/31VC1 gameServed
Jose Montes De OcaOrange County FC2018/03/24AL1 gameServed
Austin Levins (Coach)Temecula FC2018/03/24IB/AL1 gameServed
Jose BarrigaAcademica SC2018/03/24SFP1 gameServed
Luis Omar HernandezEl Farolito 2018/03/24SFP1 gameServed
Luis Alberto Castillo Guzman East Bay FC Stompers2018/03/172CT1 gameServed
Manuel Garcia El Farolito 2018/03/17SFP1 gameServed
Christopher KatonaFC Motown2017/07/29VC2 gamesServed
Kwesi AllenAFC Ann Arbor2017/07/29SFP1 game1 game remaining
Jake RufeAFC Ann Arbor2017/07/292CT1 game1 game remaining
Maximiliano GarciaFC Motown2017/07/29RA6 monthsServed
Oliver Papraniku (Coach)FC Motown2017/07/29IB/AL2 gamesServed
Benjamin EastwellDakota Fusion FC2017/07/22VC1 game Served
Romerio LomeliKitsap Pumas2017/07/222CT1 game Served
Justin BurrellLegacy 762017/07/21VC1 game 1 game remaining
Andreas Davi (Coach)Milwaukee Torrent2017/07/15IB2 gamesserved
Isaac PereyraMilwaukee Torrent2017/07/152CT1 gameServed
Drew RugglesMilwaukee Torrent2017/07/15GD1 gameServed
Andrew WiedabachMilwaukee Torrent2017/07/152CT1 gameServed
Dwayne Jones (Asst. Coach)New Orleans Jesters2017/07/15IB1 game1 game remaining
Adeoye OlumuyiwaNew Orleans Jesters2017/07/15DOGSO1 gameServed
Vinicius LelisHartford City FC2017/07/15RA6 games5 games remaining
Cesar TejeraMiami United FC2017/07/15AL1 gameServed
Matthew ScottSioux Falls Thunder2017/07/15DOGSO1 game1 game remaining
Oscar CendejasMinnesota TwinStars2017/07/15VC1 gameServed
Jean AntoineASC San Diego2017/07/14VC1 gameServed
Tom BeckCleveland SC2017/07/14VC1 gameServed
Michael DerezicCleveland SC2017/07/14VC1 gameServed
Kendell McFaydenFC Buffalo2017/07/14VC1 gameServed
Dominick FalanagaBrooklyn Italians2017/07/12DOGSO1 gameServed
Yaya FaneJunior Lone Star FC2017/07/08AL1 gameServed
Stefano Agresti (Coach)Miami United FC2017/07/08IB1 game2 games remaining
Vlandy SlueueJunior Lone Star FC2017/07/08AL1 gameServed
Ricardo MedinaNapa Valley 1839 FC2017/07/08DGH1 gameServed
Rizy MisiriSeacoast United Phantoms2017/07/08VC1 game1 game remaining
Emmanuel SmithSeacoast United Phantoms2017/07/08VC1 gameServed
August FinnRochester Lancers2017/07/07YCA3 games1 game remaining
Manrique Lopez (Coach)Naples United FC2017/07/05RAB6 games6 games remaining
Carlos Fernandes (Coach)Dallas City FC2017/07/02IB2 games4 game remaining
Grover Gibson (Coach)Fredricksburg FC2017/06/30SFP4 games2 games remaining
Daniel Porlan (Coach)Houston Regals SCA2017/06/03Coach3 games3 games remaining