2020 Seasons 260×40

Disciplinary Report


For further information, please reference the NPSL Disciplinary Code. Questions should be directed to Paul Scott at officials@NPSLsoccer.net

Suspension Codes:
  • 2CT = Receiving a second caution in the same match
  • DOGSO-F = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by fouling
  • DOGSO-H = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by handling
  • SFP = Serious foul play
  • VC = Violent conduct
  • AL = Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • S = Spitting
  • IB = Irresponsible behavior
  • RAB = Referee Abuse
  • RA = Referee Assault
  • PC = Public criticism
  • YCA = Yellow Card Accumulation
AS OF 2019/08/04
Tristan JumeauMed City FC2019/07/16IB1 game 1 game remaining
William PerkinsDetroit City FC2019/07/21VC2 games2 games remaining
Thomas BeckCleveland SC2019/07/21VC2 games1 game remaining
Joseph GlosFC Baltimore2019/07/21VC2 games2 games remaining
Khalid BalogunFC Baltimore2019/07/21SFP1 game 1 game remaining
Aaron DennisNew York Cosmos B2019/07/21VC2 gamesServed
Shannon ColeFC Arizona2019/07/202 CT1 game1 game remaining
Admir SuljevicCleveland SC2019/07/192CT1 gameServed
Paul CaligiuriOrange County FC2019/06/26$100 fine$100 fine remaining
Ignacio MillaMed City FC2019/07/16AL2 games2 games remaining
Max WilscheyChattanooga FC2019/07/16AL7 games7 games remaining
Jordan DunstanChattanooga FC2019/07/16VC2 games2 games remaining
Neil Cassidy (coach)Med City FC2019/07/12IB1 game Served
Jeremy LucasPittsburgh Hotspurs2019/07/132CT1 game1 game remaining
George StannardErie Commodores2019/07/132CT1 game1 game remaining
Joseph BellErie Commodores2019/07/13DGF1 game 1 game remaining
Nicolas HelinDemize NPSL2019/07/13VC1 game 1 game remaining
Mason WalshChattanooga FC2019/07/12VC2 gamesServed
Maximiliano ShenfeldMiami United FC2019/07/102CT1 gameServed
Gabriel Patat (manager)Naples United FC2019/07/10IB2 games2 games remaining
Carlos Adducci (coach)Naples United FC2019/07/10IB4 games + $150 fine4 games and $150 fine remaining
Victoriano FragolaNaples United FC2019/07/10DGF1 game1 game remaining
Sebastian VergaraNaples United FC2019/07/102CT1 game1 game remaining
Jason Rector (staff)Little Rock Rangers2019/07/06IB$150 fineServed
Fatoma TurayPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/07/06IB2 games2 games remaining
Jaro ZawislanSyracuse FC2019/07/05IB $150 fineServed
Samba KoromaPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/07/062CT1 game1 game remaining
Peterson OccenatMiami United FC2019/07/06RA2 years2 years remaining
Owen HowardMichigan Stars FC2019/07/05YCA1 game Served
Jacob VanderLaanGrand Rapids FC2019/07/05SFP1 gameServed
Tom Bar YosefMichigan Stars FC20019/07/05VC2 games1 game remaining
Nooh AljabalyKalamazoo FC2019/07/05VC2 gamesServed
Kevin BlackwoodClolumbus FC2019/07/05VC2 games1 game remaining
Vincente SyFC Indiana2019/07/03DGF1 gameServed
Salvatore BaroneNew York Cosmos B2019/07/032CT1 gameServed
Ludvick AsigoMichigan Stars FC2019/07/03YCA1 gameServed
Ramin AmindariOrange County FC2019/07/03SFP1 game1 game remaining
Kristian SaraviaAS Los Angeles2019/07/03VC2 games2 games remaining
Kevin Smith (coach)Fort Worth Vaqueros2019/07/03IB2 games1 game remaining
Tristian AdamsDallas City FC2019/07/032CT1 gameServed
Prince JarboPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/07/02SFP1 game Served
Walter CalderonAtlantic City FC2019/07/02VC2 games2 games remaining
Matthew WhelanGrand Rapids FC2019/06/30YCA1 game Served
Karl Pierre-mesniereTyler FC2019/06/30YCA1 game1 game remaining
Karl Pierre-mesniereTyler FC2019/06/302CT1 gameServed
James RossRiverside Coras2019/06/30DGF1 game1 game remaining
Cesar Deossa (coach)Boston City FC2019/06/30IB1 gameServed
Benjamin ThorntonAFC Ann Arbor2019/06/302CT1 gameServed
Isaac KehsonDakota Fusion FC2019/06/30VC2 games1 game remaining
Guilherme Ferreira (coach)Demize NPSL2019/06/30IB2 gamesServed
Juan Hernandez MendizabalChattanooga FC2019/06/29YCA1 game Served
Bruno Leone Camacho Da SilvaMiami United FC2019/06/29YCA1 gameServed
Michael BryantOrange County FC2019/06/29YCA1 game Served
Josemaria OtezeFort Worth Vaqueros2019/06/29SFP1 gameServed
Emiliano FamaLaredo Heat SC2019/06/292CT1 gameServed
Daniel RIbasOSA Seattle FC2019/06/292CT1 gameServed
Aaron LombardiOrange County FC2019/06/292CT1 gameServed
Luis ArandaMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2019/06/29DGF1 gameServed
Lennart HeinClub Atletico Saint Louis2019/06/292CT1 gameServed
Edwin SanchezEast Bay Stompers2019/06/292CT1 game1 game remaining
Dean HakimEast Bay Stompers2019/06/29DGF1 game1 game remaining
Giuseppe VitaleKalamazoo FC2019/06/28YCA1 gameServed
Remy TaziforMichigan Stars FC2019/06/282CT1 gameServed
Pedro GarciaMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2019/06/27S2 gamesServed
Jamie LovegroveFort Worth Vaqueros2019/06/27VC2 gamesServed
Adrian GahabkaBrooklyn Italians2019/06/26YCA1 game Served
Nick Hoffay (manager)Kingstond Stockade FC2019/06/26IB1 gameServed
Bernardo MattosKingstond Stockade FC2019/06/26VC2 gamesServed
Pedro EspindolaKingstond Stockade FC2019/06/262CT1 gameServed
Brent McKeownSyracuse FC2019/06/26VC2 gamesServed
Andre Matheus Siqueira de AlmeidaDemize NPSL2019/06/26AL1 gameServed
Howard Miller JrClub Atletico Saint Louis2019/06/262CT3 games 1 game remaining
Kimarni SmithGreenville FC2019/06/25VC2 gamesServed
David KoprowskiGreenville FC2019/06/25VC2 gamesServed
Nathan WattAsheville City SC2019/06/25VC2 gamesServed
Lukas JoynerAsheville City SC2019/06/25VC2 gamesServed
Alcides ThomasFCM Portland2019/06/25YCA1 game Served
Anthony AllisonPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/06/23YCA1 gameServed
Yaya FanePhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/06/23YCA1 game Served
Lawrence Sancomb (coach)FC Baltimore2019/06/20IB1 gameServed
Lethabo KedijangTyler FC2019/06/23SFP1 gameServed
Devy Desiree (coach)Tyler FC2019/06/23IB3 games1 game remaining
Wyatt ScottRochester Lancers2019/06/23SFP1 gameServed
Raul YepezOxnard Guerreros FC2019/06/22SFP1 gameServed
Nigaba OlivierDakota Fusion FC2019/06/22YCA1 gameServed
Jonatan FernandezNaples United FC2019/06/22YCA1 game Served
Christian SchmoyerHershey FC2019/06/22YCA1 game Served
Jake RufeAFC Ann Arbor2019/06/22YCA 1 game Served
Prince IdornigieVirginia Beach City FC2019/06/22DGF1 gameServed
Alex LeeFC Frederick2019/06/22VC2 gameServed
Caleb McAuslanCrossfire Redmond2019/06/21SFP1 gameServed
George StannardErie Commodores2019/06/212CT1 gameServed
Cheickh TagourlaFC Columbus2019/06/16YCA1 game Served
Rigoberto Jimenez ChirinosBoston City FC2019/06/15YCA1 game Served
Matio DimovNew York Athletic Club2019/06/19YCA1 game Served
Tyron MatutaNew York Athletic Club2019/06/19DGH1 game Served
Smith PepperHershey FC2019/06/192CT1 gameServed
Giovani BejaranoOzark FC2019/06/19YCA1 gameServed
Tyler LangSpokane SC Shadow2019/06/152CT1 gameServed
Remy TaziforMichigan Stars FC2019/06/16YCA1 gameServed
Michael PimlottDetroit City FC2019/06/16VC2 gamesServed
Colin McCortToledo Villa FC2019/06/162CT1 gameServed
Tarek NazzalTemecula FC2019/06/16YCA1 gameServed
Bryan OrtaTemecula FC2019/06/16YCA1 gameServed
Christian Robles CastilloAS Los Angeles2019/06/16YCA1 gameServed
Cheickh TagourlaFC Columus2019/06/162CT1 gameServed
Dean HakimEast Bay Stompers2019/06/15YCA1 gameServed
Alejandro UribeSan Ramon FC2019/06/15YCA1 gameServed
Joshua DavisOrange County FC2019/06/15YCA1 game Served
Jakub WaligorskiASC San Diego2019/06/15YCA1 game Served
Dallin CutlerASC San Diego2019/06/15YCA1 game Served
Uzi TayouFC Wichita2019/06/15AL1 gameServed
Nomialay HashimNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/06/152CT1 gameServed
Salvador Gomez-AvilaNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/06/15SFP1 gameServed
Gerardo MendozaSan Ramon FC2019/06/15SFP1 game Served
Jordan SellandFCM Portland2019/06/15SFP1 gameServed
Jose Antonio Valladares HernandezNaples United FC2019/06/15AL5 gamesServed
Gabriel Patat (trainer)Naples United FC2019/06/15IB1 gameServed
Sergio BuenrostroHigh Desert Elite FC2019/06/14YCA2 gamesServed
Tyler FeeleyFC Arizona2019/06/14YCA1 gameServed
Murat GuervensRhode Island Reds FC2019/06/14YCA1 gameServed
James VaughanAFC Ann Arbor2019/06/14YCA1 gameServed
Dorion DixonNorthern Virginia United 2019/06/14SFP1 gameServed
Michael DerezicCleveland SC2019/06/14VC2 gamesServed
Roger Da CostaFort Worth Vaqueros2019/06/13DGF1 gameServed
Alex MejiaOSA Seattle FC2019/06/122CT1 game Served
Brian Welsh (coach)Northern Virginia United 2019/06/08IB1 game Served
Matthew Novak (manager)Demize NPSL2019/06/08IB1 game Served
Danilo MarkovicKingstond Stockade FC2019/06/07YCA1 game Served
Patrick HamiltonGreater Lowell Rough Diamonds2019/06/09YCA1 gameServed
Sebastian CapozucchiAtlantic City FC2019/06/092CT1 gameServed
Matheus GoveiaTorch FC2019/06/09VC2 games Served
Doug Miller (coach)Rochester Lancers2019/06/09IB1 game Served
Jorge AlvarezSonoma County Sol FC2019/06/08YCA1 gameServed
Vincent TascaPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/06/08DGH1 game Served
Kouassi N'GuessanPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/06/082CT1 game Served
Maximiliano ShenfeldMiami United FC2019/06/08SFP2 gamesServed
Pedro Bassin NunesDemize NPSL2019/06/082CT1 gameServed
Victor CalderonNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/06/08VC2 gamesServed
Michael MolinariEast Bay Stompers2019/06/08VC2 gamesServed
Ethan WatersSonoma County Sol FC2019/06/082 CT1 gameServed
Cesar Deossa (coach)Boston City FC2019/06/01IB1 gameServed
Joel FigueroaFC Indiana2019/06/02VC2 game Served
Isaac KehsonDakota Fusion FC2019/06/02AL2 gamesServed
Brent ReisTemecula FC2019/06/01YCA1 game Served
Adrian MorenoRiverside Coras2019/06/01YCA1 gameServed
Jack GurrGerogia Revolution FC2019/06/01YCA1 game Served
Tomas GranittoMiami FC 2019/06/01YCA1 game Served
Andre MorrisonHartford City FC2019/06/01SFP1 gameServed
Joshua HernandezDallas City FC2019/06/012 CT1 game Served
Antony AndoyanMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2019/06/012CT1 game Served
Aroon MolinaSacramento Gold FC2019/06/01VC2 gamesServed
Nicholas SicaNew Jersey Copa FC2019/06/01SFP1 game Served
Michel Aiza AllouMichigan Stars FC2019/06/012 CT1 game Served
Victor EstradaOxnard Guerreros FC2019/06/01SFP1 game Served
Charlton MuhlauriBoston City FC2019/06/01AL1 game Served
Avner AlvesBoston City FC2019/06/012CT1 gameServed
Thomas BeckCleveland SC2019/05/31AL3 gamesServed
Hami KaraHartford City FC2019/05/30AL2 gamesServed
Elimane SeyeRhode Island Reds FC2019/05/30DGF1 gameServed
Anthony BilleriRhode Island Reds FC2019/05/30VC2 gamesServed
Roberto Aguas (coach)New Jersey Copa FC2019/05/29IB1 game Served
Anthony DiazFC Indiana2019/05/27VC2 gamesServed
Faiz MusaDakota Fusion FC2019/05/25SFP1 game Served
Mohamed BanguraDakota Fusion FC2019/05/25AL1 game Served
Tatenda MkuruvaMichigan Stars FC2019/05/27DGF1 game Served
Samuel DeossaBoston City FC2019/05/26VC2 gamesServed
Michael Bustamante LopezBoston City FC2019/05/26RA6 games + 6 months6 months remaining
Victor TsadoInter Nashville FC2019/05/25VC2 gamesServed
Emilio GongoraNaples United FC2019/05/25VC2 gamesServed
Modesto Mendez AmadorStorm FC2019/05/25VC2 gamesServed
Sebastian VelascoAS Los Angeles2019/05/25YCA1 gameServed
Agustin BarrosAS Los Angeles2019/05/252CT1 game Served
John Ryan HollandOrange County FC2019/05/25YCA1 game Served
Omar MatuteD. Case; to serve 6/22, team notified 6/15, served 6/222019/05/25VC2 gamesServed
Justin WelgeDallas City FC2019/05/242CT1 game Served
Rahim Zafer (coach)Dallas City FC2019/05/24IB1 gameServed
Charlie CraneNew York Athletic Club2019/05/242CT1 game Served
David MorenoKaty 1895 FC2019/05/242CT1 gameServed
Chad Rakestraw (coach)Denton Diablos FC2019/05/21IB2 gamesServed
Damon GochneaurDenton Diablos FC2019/05/21IB2 game stadium ban and $150 fineServed
Paul KonnehPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/05/18IBStadium ban +$150 fineServed
Supporter GroupPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/05/18IB$150 fineServed
Fatoma TurayPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/05/18IB1 gameServed
Frederik KleemannOSA Seattle FC2019/05/182CT1 game Served
Christopher CastillejaTyler FC2019/05/182CT1 game Served
MODESTO MENDEZ AMADORStorm FC2019/05/182CT1 game Served
Everson De LimaChattanooga FC2019/05/18SFP1 game Served
Ebrima NjieAtlanta SC2019/05/18VC3 gamesServed
Thaimu TurayPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/05/18DGF1 game Served
Jonatan PaniaguaFC Columus2019/05/172CT1 gameServed
Daniel RiveraOzark FC2019/05/12SFP1 gameServed
David AltonFC Arizona2019/05/12YCA1 game Served
Gerardo YongFC Arizona2019/05/12YCA1 game Served
Ty OttoOxnard Guerreros FC2019/05/11IB1 game stadium ban + $150 fineServed
Victor EstradaOxnard Guerreros FC2019/05/11YCA1 game Served
Joncarlo TamayoOxnard Guerreros FC2019/05/11YCA1 gameServed
Mohamed Lamin GerewouAtlanta SC2019/05/112CT1 game Served
Emra BeljuljiDakota Fusion FC2019/05/11VC2 gameServed
Michael MercadoRiverside Coras2019/05/11VC2 gamesServed
Joseph GlosFC Baltimore2019/05/112CT1 game Served
Raul GonzalezOxnard Guerreros FC2019/05/112CT1 game Served
Bennett MurphyCentral Florida Panthers SC2019/05/112CT1 game Served
Michel Aiza AllouMichigan Stars FC2019/05/042CT1 game Served
Ander UrkidiStorm FC2019/05/04S2 gamesServed
PJ HarrisonCity of Angels FC2019/05/01IB$150 fine$150 fine
Michael MolinariEast Bay Stompers2019/04/27YCA1 game Served
Daniel GlascockSan Ramon FC2019/04/28VC2 gamesServed
Gerardo GarciaSan Ramon FC2019/04/28VC2 gamesServed
Daniel GalvanAcademica SC2019/04/28VC2 gamesServed
Jesus LeonEast Bay Stompers2019/04/272CT1 gameServed
Aroon MolinaSacramento Gold FC2019/04/272CT1 gameServed
Angel ChavarriaEl Farlolito2019/04/272CT1 game Served
Marcelo ManfrediniFC Golden State2019/04/27VC2 gamesServed
Efrain Burgos HenriquezNY Cosmos B2019/04/26MA2 gamesServed
Scott Taylor FC Arizona2019/04/20IB $150 fineServed
Lucas RodriguezAS Los Angeles2019/04/24YCA1 gameServed
Tomas CanaleAS Los Angeles2019/04/21YCA1 gameServed
Shannon ColeFC Arizona2019/04/20YCA1 gameServed
Omar NunoFC Arizona2019/04/20YCA1 gameServed
Khalid ArramdaniEast Bay Stompers2019/04/20VC2 gamesServed
Marco Reyes GomezNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/04/202CT1 gameServed
Louis TrejoHigh Desert Elite FC2019/04/20VC2 gamesServed
Sergio BuenrostroHigh Desert Elite FC2019/04/13YCA1 gameServed
Ronaldo HerreraEl Farlolito2019/04/132CT1 game Served
Ricardo RosasAcademica SC2019/03/30S2 games Served
Gustavo Tavera RicoEast Bay Stompers2019/03/30VC2 games Served
Angel ChavarriaEl Farlolito2019/03/302CT1 game Served
Kevin RiascosFC Golden State2019/03/20DOGSO -F2 gamesServed
Ty OttoOxnard Guerreros FC2019/03/16IB2 gamesServed
Omar MatuteHigh Desert Elite FC2019/03/092CT1 game Served
Jose BarrigaAcademica SC2019/03/09VC2 gamesServed
Carlos SierraRiverside Coras2019/03/022CT1 game Served
Armando FloresOrange County FC2019/03/01VC2 gamesServed
Eddie GuerraTemecula FC2019/02/092CT1 gameServed
Nader DejbakhshOrange County FC2018/07/21RAB3 games (+ 1 game penalty and fine)Served
Christopher Riordan FC Motown2018/08/042CT1 game 1 game remaining
Nelson Becerra FC Motown2018/08/042CT1 game 1 game remaining
Jonathan Bryant Orange County FC2018/07/21SFP1 game Served
Marijo Musa Cleveland SC2018/07/20VC1 game 1 game remaining
David Koloko Atlanta Silverbacks2018/07/17SFP1 game Served
Mike Griffith (coach)FC Baltimore2018/07/14IB2 games1 game remaining
Alexandre Gonzalez El Farlolito2018/07/14VC1 game 1 game remaining
Jacob AlatorreErie Commodores2018/07/132CT1 game1 game remaining
Austin Solomon Erie Commodores2018/07/132CT1 game Served
VcMor EligweFort Worth Vaqueros2018/07/112CT/AL2 gamesServed
Zachary AdlerFort Worth Vaqueros2018/07/11AL2 gamesServed
Roger da CostaFort Worth Vaqueros2018/07/11AL3 gamesServed
Camilo Galindo Midland-Odessa Sockers FC2018/07/11AL3 games3 games remaining
Nicholas Stavrou (coach)Fort Worth Vaqueros2018/07/11IB1 game Served
Luis Rincon (coach)Midland-Odessa Sockers FC2018/07/11IB1 game 1 game remaining
Jovany Macias (coach)Midland-Odessa Sockers FC2018/07/11IB1 game 1 game remaining
Thomas George (coach)Junior Lone Star FC2018/07/11IB1 game Served
Deron Joe Junior Lone Star FC2018/07/11VC2 gamesServed
Kapaw Htoo VSLT FC2018/07/08VC1 game Served
Ryan Maxwell LC Aris FC2018/07/08VC1 game 1 game remaining
Dave Chesterman Demize NPSL2018/07/07AL3 games3 games remaining
Jeffrey Korytoski (coach)ASC San Diego2018/07/07IB1 game Served
Gibran TEVAR (coach)Storm FC2018/07/07IB2 games2 games remaining
Angelo Jack New Jersey Copa FC2018/07/07VC1 gameServed
Omar Sinclair Detroit City FC2018/07/07VC1 gameServed
Tyler Pinho TSF FC2018/07/07VC1 game1 game remaining
Michael CzyrnekTSF FC2018/07/07VC1 game1 game remaining
Callum Carsley Palm Beach United2018/07/07VC1 game1 game remaining
Ayo Adebayo Med City FC2018/07/062CT1 game Served
Frank Spaeth (staff)Med City FC2018/07/06IB1 gameServed
Ignacio Garrido Med City FC2018/07/06VC2 games1 game remaining
Eddie Bloise (coach)Katy 1895 FC2018/07/03IB2 games2 games remaining
Pedro Matias Diaz Galeano VSLT FC2018/06/302CT2 games2 games remaining
Jadson Leite SoaresBoston City FC2018/06/30RA6 games & 6 monthsServed
Petar Ivusic Araya Demize NPSL2018/06/30S2 games1 game remaining
Martin Sanchez Jr Academica SC2018/06/30VC1 game1 game remaining
Lewis SaxelbyEast Bay Stompers2018/06/30VC1 game 1 game remaining
Jaime Olabarria FC Arizona2018/06/30VC1 game Served
Ignacio Cancela FC Arizona2018/06/30VC1 game Served
Jake RufeAFC Ann Arbor2017/07/292CT1 gameServed
Kwesi AllenAFC Ann Arbor2017/07/29SFP1 game1 game remaining
Justin BurrellLegacy 762017/07/21VC1 game 1 game remaining
Matthew ScottSioux Falls Thunder2017/07/15DOGSO - F1 game1 game remaining
Dwayne Jones (Asst. Coach)New Orleans Jesters2017/07/15IB1 game1 game remaining
Stefano Agresti (Coach)Miami United FC2017/07/08IB1 game2 games remaining
Rizy MisiriSeacoast United Phantoms2017/07/08VC1 game1 game remaining
Manrique Lopez (Coach)Naples United FC2017/07/05RAB6 games6 games remaining
Carlos Fernandes (Coach)Dallas City FC2017/07/02IB2 games4 game remaining
Grover Gibson (Coach)Fredricksburg FC2017/06/30SFP4 games2 games remaining
Daniel Porlan (Coach)Houston Regals SCA2017/06/033 games3 games remaining
AS OF 2019/10/24
Stephan RuggeriMilwaukee Torrent2019/10/20VC2 gamesServed one game (second game will not carry)
Mike MunizNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/10/19YCA1 game1 game remaining
Diego HurtadoMilwaukee Torrent2019/10/05YCA1 game Served
Lucca LacerdaMilwaukee Torrent2019/09/28YCA1 gameServed
Jesus Michel ArroyoNapa Valley 1839 FC2019/09/21YCA1 game Served
Isaac AcunaNew York Cosmos2019/09/21VC1 gameServed
Andreas Davi (owner)Milwaukee Torrent2019/09/07IBStadium Ban Remainder of Season + $1500 fineStadium Ban Remainder of Season
Emmanuele SembroniNew York Cosmos2019/09/07VC2 gamesServed
Sebastian CiaccheriMilwaukee Torrent2019/09/14VC1 gameServed
Ansi AgolliNew York Cosmos2019/09/14YCA1 game Served