MyCujoo Announced as the Preferred Live Streaming Partner of the NPSL

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce MyCujoo as the league’s
preferred live streaming partner.

“The NPSL is extremely excited about our partnership with MyCujoo,” NPSL board member
and Kingston Stockade FC Chairman Dennis Crowley. “Having a central location where fans
can watch matches from NPSL clubs all over the country will be great for our fans and great for
the visibility of the league. MyCujoo’s tools will allow us to offer a level of professionalism and
consistency we haven’t been able to offer in the past when it comes to live streaming.”

The multi-year partnership, which runs through January 2021, provides MyCujoo with exclusive
digital rights to the league’s matches over the period of the contract.

“The fact that we now own rights across the country, in both the women’s and the men’s game,
gives us the scale to really start making our community model work in the U.S.,” MyCujoo CEO
Pedro Presa commented.

MyCujoo, a company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is transforming the sports broadcast
market by providing rights-holders with free broadcasting technology, viewers with free content,
and enabling players and fans to take an active, creative role in content creation and distribution.
Players of all levels, for example, will be able to tag themselves in recordings, create their own
highlights reels, and share these with whomever they choose.

“MyCujoo is the only football technology which allows players to claim their own highlights – and
to share those highlights with fans, family, and friends,” Presa added. “By creating this technology,
we believe that we can build a real footballing community across the world, and support the NPSL
and all our partners in gaining more visibility and engagement with players and fans.”

More information about MyCujoo can be found by visiting or by following the
company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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