World Class Premier Elite Rebranding to Maryland Bobcats FC Ahead of NPSL Move

By Daniel Cermak/
World Class Premier Elite joined the NPSL in September to compete in the 2020 NPSL season,
and is now rebranding as Maryland Bobcats FC.

“The NPSL is the next step up for us as a club,” Maryland Bobcats FC PR Director Evan Raimist
said. “We think the rebrand is a way to represent that step and it means a lot to the ownership
group and it also shows our commitment to our state and our vision.”

The rebrand moves the logo from WCPE’s blue and orange color scheme to black, brown, and
gold. The change in color is a way for the ownership group to pay homage to a formational
time in their lives.

“The color scheme is to call back to the ownership’s group’s time at University of Maryland
Baltimore County (UMBC),” Raimist said. “They all met there, some played soccer there, and it
felt like the perfect way to represent that important time in their lives.”

The Bobcats is a literal reference to the ownership group that is known as the Bobcats. The
decision to name the club after the entire state was one that was not reached easily, but once it
was decided, the club felt like it met their ambitions perfectly.

“We tossed around a lot of different ideas, lots of different names,” Raimist said. “But we
decided to name it after the state, because yes there are other clubs here, but we think that it
mirrors the kind of ambition we have as a club.”

The logo itself is a clean, simple rendition with an intimidating bobcat featured front and
center. From the beginning, the club had an idea of what the logo wanted to look like, and
believe they hit the nail on the head.

“We wanted something that represented what we want to accomplish as a club, and I think this
does that really well, we’re very excited about it,” Raimist said.

With the rebrand in place, Maryland Bobcats FC has completed another step towards
competing in the NPSL. Another step, a new synthetic turf soccer field and grandstands will be
completed as part of a renovation project at Montgomery College’s stadium in Rockvile,

Heading into the 2020 season, Maryland Bobcats FC have high expectations for their
performance on their field and their impact on the community.

“We will strive to win it all, we always aim high,” Maryland Bobcats FC manager and co-capitan
Idrissa Sesay said. “We will involve our youth club, by providing a professional environment they can aspire to. And we will connect the DMV (DC, MD, VA community through the game of
soccer and give back to the area that supports us.”

With a new name, logo, and a renovated home ground, Maryland Bobcats FC have set
themselves up for a successful start in the NPSL.

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