Fort Worth Vaqueros Bring in Anthony Harris as General Manager

By Daniel Cermak/

The Fort Worth Vaqueros are looking to grow their brand in the city, and have brought on
experienced entrepreneur and lifelong soccer fan Anthony Harris as general manager of the club
to accomplish just that. For Harris, the opportunity was on that he has waited for.

“I’m humbled and excited,” Harris said. “Fort Worth Vaqueros Owner Michael Hitchcock and I
have been friends for a few years now. I reached out to him four or five years ago when I had
another business, trying to build my soccer network. It didn’t work out but I still supported the
Vaqueros. I loved the team, went to their games and was a season ticket holder for a few years.
Recently Hitchcock reached out to me and it was unexpected but of course I was really excited
about it.”

The position is a new one for the Vaqueros, but one in which Harris is excited to learn about and
grow into. He also plans to utilize his connections within the Fort Worth community to help
grow the club before the season starts, and help with the day-to-day operations during the season.

“I want to get the club to the next level,” Harris said. “I know that’s why I was brought in. I will
love being more involved in a semi-professional soccer club. I’m going to love going to the
matches, meeting the players and coaches.”

Hitchcock is extremely confident in Harris’ ability to succeed with the club.

“We’re excited to welcome Anthony to the Vaqueros family as our new General Manager,”
Hitchcock said. “Anthony brings a shared love of Fort Worth, passion for the beautiful game,
and impressive business management experience to the Fort Worth Vaqueros.”

For Harris, his love of the game coupled with his business experience give him the confidence to
know he can succeed in the role.

“Soccer is the only sport where it runs in my blood,” Harris said. “I could be dead-dog tired and I
will still get up to play soccer. I’ve been playing since I was five. To have a team here in the
city has been great and to be a part of it is even better. I have a lot of business experience that I
hope to use to propel the team to the next level.”

While growing the club will be a long challenge, Harris is up for it, and is looking to enjoy the
experience along the way.

“From a personal standpoint I want to enjoy the process,” Harris said. “There are things we want
to accomplish. There’s a lot on my plate, but we discussed it and I want to do everything I can to
help us get there. From a team perspective we want to continue getting our name out there.
There are still people who do not know about the Vaqueros and I think that’s our biggest goal, to
change that.”

With Harris at the helm of Fort Worth Vaqueros, the club is looking to grow in the community
and on the field.

Photo Credit: Fort Worth Vaqueros

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