ASC San Diego Falls 3-0 to Las Vegas Legends FC at Home

By ASC San Diego

 Last night ASC San Diego played a strong match on their home pitch at Mission Bay Stadium but weren’t able to pull out the win.  Evenly manned, both sides showed their ability to move the ball to their opponent’s net. Yet neither side was able to create an actual shot on goal for the first 15 minutes of the match.  ASC did actually have slightly more possession of the ball and more presence in shooting range but found difficulty actually completing their endeavour to score.  

The 29th minute saw the first ball to find the back of a net.  Las Vegas forward Brandon Vargas was the recipient of a cross from teammate Julian Vargas which he was immediately able to fire off toward the net.  ASC goalkeeper Matthew Escareno made a bold dive but saw the ball go past him. Fullback Brandon Cortez jumped into action to help prevent the score but to no avail as the ball was able to barely cross the line, putting the Legends up 1-0.  Las Vegas was able to score once more in the 43rd minute to make it 2-0 as the teams headed to the locker rooms after the whistle sounded to end the half.

After the break ASC came back with renewed energy and some fresh legs, having made three substitutions to start the second half.  This strategy seemed to be what was needed as they were showing more sense of urgency and moving the ball to try and get the match back under control.  While they were able to get in front of their opponent’s net with more frequency, the issues from the first half continued to plague the team. And even though the home squad was able to squeeze off a few near misses, including a beauty by Aydan Bowers that smoked off the crossbar, it was Vegas that was able to get between the posts again.  Vargas put a ball in the high left corner that left Escareno stretching but inevitably unable to touch it.  

The rest of the match ASC definitely kept with their high energy and drive to score but unfortunately couldn’t produce.  They were able to keep the Legends to just the one score in the second half and the final rested at 3-0.

Next week ASC San Diego is on the road to face off against FC Golden State at Rio Hondo Stadium starting at 6:00 pm.  2019 saw ASC and Golden State in a fierce battle to maintain playoff contention throughout the regular season. That exciting finish will surely carry over to this 2020 campaign.


Photo Credit: Keith & Michelle Dereld


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