VPG eNPSL Announced

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce the launch of the VPG
eNPSL competition.

“The NPSL is excited to enter the esports market for the first time,” NPSL Managing Director
Cindy Spera said. “The VPG eNPSL will be a great way to bring our community members
together for friendly competition on a virtual pitch. This will also be an opportunity to take the
NPSL brand beyond our traditional boundaries and into new households across the country.”

The VPG eNPSL will feature 11v11 competition on the FIFA Pro Clubs platform. The NPSL
has partnered with VPG, one of the leaders in the esports industry.

“It’s fantastic to see the NPSL getting involved in the 11v11 FIFA esports,” Virtual Pro Gaming
CEO Arron Dellosa said. “All of the teams entering into this will benefit massively as football
has been postponed around the world. Many fans and gamers will enjoy watching the content
created from FIFA 11v11. I am looking forward to getting this started.”

VPG was started in 2015 with just 10 teams in England. Today VPG boasts over 200,000
contracts and nearly 10,000 FIFA teams. VPG’s English Premier League features official
esports programs from 18 English clubs including the likes of QPR, Cardiff City, Bristol Rovers,
Plymouth Argyle, and Port Vale.

The first eight participants to be announced for VPG eNPSL include Atlantic City FC, Central
Florida Panthers SC, Denton Diablos FC, Duluth FC, Fort Worth Vaqueros, Milwaukee Torrent,
Muskegon Risers, and Ozark FC.

For more information about VPG, please visit virtualprogaming.com or follow the company on
Facebook (@virtualprogaming), Instagram (@vpgesports), and Twitter (@officialVPG). A VPG
mobile app is also available on Android and iOS.

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