MyCujoo NPSL Classic Sets Up Georgia Revolution FC and Greenville FC Matchup

By Daniel Cermak/

Despite the meeting happening in the opening days of the season, Georgia Revolution FC’s and
Greenville FC’s May 2019 rain-soaked matchup is certainly an NPSL classic.

“First game of the season was filled with excitement, rain, fans, and passion,” Georgia
Revolution’s Brahan Gammara said. “Best part was seeing the support of the community as it
started to rain towards the end of the first half. They stayed the whole game to support us and
supported us the whole season. Really shows what the Georgia Revolution does for the

Apart from the inherent excitement of the first match of the season, the matchup had its own
drama and intrigue.

The two squads were pitted against each other in the extremely competitive Southeast
Conference. 2018’s results showed just how important this matchup could be, with the Georgia
Revolution finishing just three points above Greenville FC in the final standings.

Mother Nature, however, did not seem to appreciate the intrigue surrounding the match.

The temperature dropped severely before kickoff, and sure enough, before the whistle blew to
signal the end of the first half, the rain started pouring. With the cold temperature and
downpour, one might have expected fans to clear out and enjoy their Saturday night at home safe
from the rain.

The Georgia Revolution’s fans and supporters’ group, the Uprising, had other ideas however.
The rain not only failed to deter them from supporting their squad, but seemed to give them more
energy. Georgia Revolution head coach Steo Magennis was beyond proud of the support his
team received.

“We were delighted with the fan attendance, even with the poor weather,” Magennis said. “Their
voice and energy from the stands was fantastic. We were proud to represent them.”

Considering this was a matchup between teams in a closely contested conference that also
opened the season, this MyCujoo NPSL Classic will provide fans with high intensity soccer as
well as an entertaining waterworks cameo.

Photo Credit: Matt Laczko

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