Kingston Stockade FC Takes on Boston City FC in Final MyCujoo NPSL Classics Restream

By Daniel Cermak/

Kingston Stockade FC certainly looks back fondly on their matchup with Boston City FC on
June 22, 2019, and will have a chance to relive the experience in this week’s MyCujoo NPSL

“Beating Boston City is always a special one for the club and our supporters,” Kingston
Stockade FC Technical Director Dan Hoffay said. “Doing it in front of over 1,000 fans at Dietz
to extend our unbeaten streak to 10-matches made it even better. We rode a hot streak into late
June and were able to put together a complete 90-minute performance against one of our bitter

Setting the stage, Kingston went into the match with an impressive nine-match unbeaten streak,
and the whole squad wanted to make sure it kept going. The backdrop to the game added to the
stakes with 1,000 fans gathered at Kingston’s home ground of Dietz Stadium on a hot summer
night. The amount of support from the fans has always meant a lot to Noah Robinson.

“The fans are incredible and I enjoyed every minute I got to play in front of them,” Robinson
said. “I’m proud to be able to put on a Kingston Stockade jersey and play for them. Our most
loyal fans would attend every home game and travel to every away game. A big shoutout to all
the Kingston Stockade fans and the Dutch Guard.”

The match was, as always, an important one for the fans but it was also a crucial one in the
conference race. Kingston Stockade were on the hunt for a playoff berth in the contested North
Atlantic Conference.

Despite just missing the playoffs in 2019, Robinson has enjoyed his time with Kingston and the
NPSL. Though Kingston was founded in 2015, Robinson can already tell there is a strong
culture in the club and a lot of talent being brought in.

“It is very exciting to be able to compete in such a competitive conference with teams that have a
history of success,’ Robinson said. “Being able to compete with these teams, and getting great
results is very encouraging for the club since recently being founded in 2015. I think the key to
our success is the depth of roster having high quality players from many different backgrounds.
This allowed us to consistently have high intensity training which translated to our games.”

With the match extending Stockade FC’s unbeaten streak to ten, the squad would add another to
the run before it finally came to end at 11 games unbeaten. Despite the end of the run, the 2019
season was a special one for Robinson and Stockade FC.

“It was a very positive season for the club as we look forward to the future,” Robinson said.
“Setting a club record 11-game unbeaten streak and having high quality players that filled roles
whenever needed. The future is bright for Stockade, we will be back, and we are Stockade!”

With an exciting matchup on display in front of over a thousand passionate fans, Saturday’s final
MyCujoo NPSL Classics is a must-watch.

Photo Credit: Terri McAleer Photography

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