eNPSL Playoffs Format and Schedule Announced

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce the format and schedule of the first-ever eNPSL Playoffs. Of the 16-team league, the top 8 teams in the regular season standings on July 7 will qualify.

Expand the sections below for regular season tiebreaker information, playoff format, and playoff schedule.

Standings tiebreakers will follow standard NPSL rules:

  1. Head-to-head results
  2. Goal difference in head-to-head matchups
  3. Most wins in conference competition
  4. Goal difference in conference competition
  5. Fewest losses in conference competition
  6. Coin toss

A mini table involving only the tied teams shall be used. If there is a 2-team tie in the mini table, the 2-team tiebreakers listed above will apply. If there is a tie for points between 3 or more teams, the following tiebreakers will apply:

  1. Most wins in conference competition
  2. Goal difference in conference competition
  3. Fewest losses in conference competition
  4. Coin toss
  1. Teams will be seeded 1-8 based on the regular season standings
  2. The bracket will be fixed-style and single-elimination
  3. Each round will contain a 2-leg tie between teams. The 2-leg tie will take place on the same day, back-to-back, and team rosters will be identical for both matches
    • Since rosters are identical for both matches, if a player earns a red card in the first match, the player must still play in the second match, but the red card suspension will be served in the next round (if the team advances)
  4. No player stats are recorded in the playoffs
  5. The Away Goals rule will not be followed. If the score is tied after the 2 legs, then a 3rd match will be played on Golden Goal settings (first team to score wins, game automatically ends). The same rosters from the 2 legs must be used for the Golden Goal match.

2020 eNPSL Quarterfinals: Tuesday, July 14 at 10:30pmET; 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5

2020 eNPSL Semifinals: Tuesday, July 21 at 10:30pmET; 1v8 winner vs 4v5 winner, 2v7 winner v 3v6 winner

2020 eNPSL Championship: Tuesday, July 28 at 10:30pmET

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