NPSL Announces U-19 Pilot

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce the launch of a pilot program
this fall, consisting of U-19 players.

“The introduction of a U-19 pilot under the NPSL umbrella represents our commitment to
grassroots soccer and supporting our teams’ growth potential.” NPSL Chairman Kenny Farrell
said. “This new venture positions our clubs to further refine the local pathway to the top level of
soccer in their area. Players from all backgrounds will have access to a highly visible platform to
showcase their talent – particularly in geographic areas where opportunities are limited. By
giving players a legitimate local option to advance, it keeps them engaged with soccer at an
affordable cost for families. The U-19 pilot will give NPSL teams the chance to develop their
own academies or build relationships with existing programs.”

The U-19 pilot will be managed by the NPSL, and will be affiliated with the United States Adult
Soccer Association (USASA). The participating teams include AFC Mobile, New Orleans
Jesters, Pensacola FC, and Port City FC.

“The NPSL U-19 pilot is a perfect representation of what the teams in our conference want from
their academies: a direct relationship with a pathway to our senior team,” AFC Mobile co-owner
Sean Landry said. “It’s exciting that the NPSL is providing new and challenging developmental
opportunities for the young players in Mobile, on the Gulf Coast, and, hopefully soon,
throughout the country.”

The pilot will run from September through November. Each team will play a total of six games,
three home and three away.

The gameday roster will consist of U-17, U-18, and U-19 players along with up to three overage
players. More information, including the full match schedule, will be released on in
the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Amir Rabbani

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