Med City FC’s Zuniga Innovates On and Off the Field

By Ben Ferree/

As the global pandemic shut down not only sports, but many people’s jobs across the country.
Ignacio Zuniga found himself on the short end of the stick through both avenues. His playing
position with Med City FC in the NPSL didn’t seem to be starting back up anytime soon, finding
a job also became increasingly difficult. That’s when Zuniga decided to put a long held idea into
action, and created 5tars Sports.

“5tars Sports Chile is a sport agency that helps Chilean student-athletes to obtain scholarships in
colleges and universities in the United States based on their athletic and academic abilities,”
Zuniga said. “The idea of creating this agency came up right after moving to the United States
and experiencing the life of a student-athlete. 5tars Sports is my way to thank all those who
helped me and supported me throughout the years from my family to my coaches, teammates,
and teachers.”

It’s never easy starting a business. That goes double during a pandemic. Still, 5tar sports already has some clients, and Zuniga even credits the pandemic with giving him the boost he needed to
take that first step and get things running.

“After almost a month of the initiation of 5tars Sports, we have been able to start working with
six student-athletes that are already working on their process of obtaining a scholarship,” Zuniga
said. “We have been in contact with different coaches. Many of them are really interested in our
players but because of the pandemic coaches and I are analyzing when is the best time for our
players to come to the U.S. We want to make sure the right conditions are in place for our
athletes to develop in a safe environment.”

Zuniga is looking to create the American dream not only for himself, but for other athletes in his
home country.

“The decision of moving to the United States to pursue my dreams changed my life in the best
way you can imagine,” Zuniga said. “Being able to create 5tars Sports reminds me that nothing is
impossible if you set your mind to it. It is my way to thank all those who helped me and
supported me throughout the years from my family to my coaches, teammates, and teachers.”
Frank Spaeth, General Manager of Med City FC, is supportive of Zuniga’s new endeavors.

“Nacho was a great part of our organization last season and we were looking forward to working
with him again before our 2020 season was canceled,” Spaeth said. “We’re so happy and excited for him, and we’re looking forward to working with him in a different capacity in the future.”

Zuniga hopes that once the college soccer season is finalized, be that in the fall or in the spring,
his clients will be able to make the move stateside as he once did, and begin to fulfill their
athletic and academic careers.

Photo Credit: Med City FC

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