Naples United to Launch 21 Club for Local Sponsors

By Naples United

Naples’ only semi-professional sports team, Naples United, is bringing professional soccer to the Naples area providing entertainment, camaraderie and sports culture to the local Naples’ community.  They are currently inviting businesses to sponsor their team to help provide financial support during their time of growth.  To acquire sponsors, Naples United started the 21 Club. 

“This club will be vital to the success of our team, players, coaches, and staff,” says Vice President Veronica Docio. “Funding will be used strategically to spearhead our grassroots soccer program starting in 2021, as well as equipment, participation in tournaments and much more.” 

This exclusive club will allow members to support the organization through donations that will finance the soccer team as well as their youth programs.  These programs are designed to give back to the local Naples’ community by helping underprivileged children.  Naples United wants to make soccer more financially accessible to children in the Naples community and provide them with opportunities to learn more about health and wellness.  

Exclusive members of the 21 Club will receive two season passes for life, two tickets to the team’s large-scale fundraiser to be held this spring, and exclusive opportunities to learn about the new Paradise Coast Sports Complex.  Businesses will receive social media recognition through Naples United social media channels and website.  They will also be featured in their seasonal program. 

“We are extremely excited to launch the 21 Club,” said President Vicente Sandoval. With an excellent leadership team at the forefront, Naples United is planning on creating a positive impact within the Naples community. 

“The organization is working hard to bring the community together after a rough year and we are looking forward to all of the great things we have planned for Naples in 2021,” said Enoch Showunmi, club director. 

Sponsorships can be purchased by individuals or businesses but there are only 21 available for $2,020.  As a 501C3 nonprofit, the team welcomes support from anyone wishing to support the organization and their youth programs. 

To learn more about the benefits of the 21 Club or to purchase your membership, please contact Veronica Docio at

Photo Credit: Naples United


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