The Story Behind the New Logo for FC Baltimore Christos

FC Baltimore Christos has launched a new logo and there is quite a story behind it.  

The partnership between FC Baltimore and Christos FC has produced incredible results on and off the field.  And the new logo reflects the success of that relationship.  

“We are extremely happy with our relationship,” Joe Shargorodsky of FC Baltimore Christos said. “The past few years have been excellent, and we want to push forward with a greater integration.  This is a joint venture to spread elite-level soccer throughout the city of Baltimore.”

The logo should mean a great deal to the soccer community in the Baltimore area.

“It’s an integration of two soccer clubs who love the city and love the beautiful game,” Shargorodsky said. “Both sides love working together both on and off the field.”

And the partnership only looks to get stronger in the future.  

“We tested the waters, and we liked what we found,” Shargorodsky said. “We share core values: hard work, honesty, and passion.  We plan to win championships at every tier of the U.S. Soccer pyramid.”

The new logo will be prominently displayed on an adidas kit, the same kit that Christos FC has worn in the past.  Merchandise featuring the new logos will be sold on gameday.  The first available merchandise will be sponsored by Gripstrings.

The logo was designed by Custom Sports Club, a company based in the UK.  Shargorodsky said that they were an “incredible company” to work with.

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