Academica SC Launches New Logo in Celebration of 50th Anniversary

Academica SC is celebrating their 50th year as a club, and they have some exciting activities planned that will share the rich and successful history of the club. 

Academica was founded in 1972 by Portuguese immigrants at the Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Turlock.  Starting as a pastime for the local youth, the club grew into a premier men’s side. Having achieved much success in local and regional leagues as well as tournaments, the club decided to make the jump and join the NPSL in 2018.  Since its inception, success and local player development have been at the forefront of the club’s philosophy.

One of these is rolling out a new logo to the public. 

“2022 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of our club so we figured it was the perfect time to change the logo and bring it into the 21st century,” Simon Bettencourt, president of Academica Soccer Club, said. “We’ve had several logos throughout our history, starting off with a simple Portugal emblem in 1972, our diamond shaped emblem in 1975, and our most recent logo change in 2006.  Our past logos portrayed our ‘old’ or first built church while this new one shows the bell tower of our new home.”

When asked about the change to the logo, Bettencourt said that he “would describe this change as progress.  We’ve updated our logo to match the progress we’ve made as a club and a community since our inception.”

Academica SC worked with Custom FC on their new look, and they were pleased with the end result.  The club was able to give them their vision and some base photo material to work with, and Custom FC was able to deliver a great looking logo.

Bettencourt is confident that the new logo will resonate with fans and supporters.

“We’re hoping that this logo will be the figurehead of the club for the next 50 years, symbolizing our unending desire for growth while respecting our history,” Bettencourt added.

Merchandise with the updated logo and branding will be available in Academica SC’s online store in early 2022.

Photo Credit: Irina Filenko and Simon Bettencourt


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