SC Brave Lions Making Preparations for NPSL Debut

By Mahonri Mendoza/

Announced over a month ago, the SC Brave Lions are ready to find their place not just locally, but eventually at a national level as well, with the hopes of becoming a famous brand. 

Located in the city of Glendale in sunny California, the SC Brave Lions are led by three dedicated shareholders: Volodya Papikyan, Hrachya Ghambaryan, and Vardan Papikyan.

Having extensive knowledge and years of experience within European soccer resulted in their decision to partake in the fast-growing U.S. market. 

“We aim to present ourselves in the U.S. soccer market using the established standards and approaches that European soccer has implemented,” said SC Brave Lions President Vardan Papikyan. 

To embark on a mission of such scale and importance requires the courage of a lion, resulting in naming the club SC Brave Lions.

“Representing a large community and being an important part of it, the members and the players of the club must have courage and aim to be victorious like a lion,” said Papikyan.  

Even with the co-owners’ Armenian descent and the fact that Glendale has a large Armenian community, the club management wants the club to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

“We want to have a team that’s part of the community,” said Papikyan. “We don’t want to build just a team.  We want to build a family around the club.”

Upon learning about the club owner’s plans, the Glendale city council members gave their full support to the SC Brave Lions.  The club’s goal is to represent the city and the state not only in NPSL, but also eventually in the higher divisions of soccer.

The SC Brave Lions are one of the 11 expansion teams joining the NPSL, and the club will begin play in the West Region in 2022.

“It’s a competitive division, but we are optimistic, and we will strive to take our worthy place,” said Papikyan.

The club will utilize the knowledge and experience of its newly named head coach Artur Aghasyan, who played for MLS side Real Salt Lake, to make an immediate impact in the NPSL. 

“We like attractive football,” said Papikyan. “We will do everything to attract a strong base of fans and followers and excite them by our performance and many goals.”

SC Brave Lions recently announced open tryouts, and a number of these players could make the final squad.  That vision could mean that an opportunity overseas may arise for hidden talent that the community of Glendale might have. 

“This is a great opportunity for the players to showcase their strength,” said Papikyan. “At the same time, it will give us the chance to use our connections within European soccer to support the best ones to advance outside of the U.S. and land a spot in Europe.”

Fans, supporters, and community members should be proud of what the SC Brave Lions are currently building.  Thanks to numerous efforts from the three shareholders, everyone should be eager to see the team when they set foot on the pitch for the first time later this year. 

Photo Credit: SC Brave Lions 


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