SC Brave Lions Defeat FC Arizona 4-0

By SC Brave Lions

The first 15 minutes of the match passed more in the center of the field; both teams were trying to keep the ball.  In the 19th minute following a FC Arizona corner kick, SC Brave Lions started a fast counterattack.  On the left side of the pitch Justin Wright got the ball, entered the penalty area, and, with a strong kick, scored the first goal.  FC Arizona players were starting to build their game with the goalkeeper through short passes, but defenders of SC Brave Lions were successfully blocking them. 

The teams went to the locker room with a score of 1-0.

The second half again started with tackles in the center of the field.  In the 55th minute again after an attack from FC Arizona, SC Brave Lions player Surik Karamyan took the ball and started a fast counterattack from the right side of the pitch.  He made a pass to the center of the penalty area where Justin Wright got the ball and gave a pass to Mher Nazaretyan who scored the second goal.  After conceding the second goal, FC Arizona tried to play faster, but all their efforts were neutralized by SC Brave Lions. 

In the 85th minute Mher Nazaretyan got the ball in the center of the field and gave a long pass to the left wing of the field, where Gevorg Ohanyan got it and shot to the right side.  The ball got to Karen Yesayan and, with a strong left-foot shot, scored the third goal for SC Brave Lions. 

The referee gave a penalty in the 87th minute after a foul on SC Brave Lions’ Chester Castellaw.  Gevorg Ohanyan took a strong shot from the penalty mark and scored the fourth goal for SC Brave Lions, making the final score 4-0.   

Photos Courtesy of SC Brave Lions


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