1-1 Draw for Valeo FC and Syracuse FC

By Valeo FC

Syracuse FC and Valeo Futbol Club faced off in a 3:00 pm afternoon kickoff on a sunny but windy day in Newton, Massachusetts.  The first half started with lots of physical and back-and-forth action from both sides.  The chances were hard to come by with both defenses standing strong and not willing to give an inch.  The wind did not help much either; it did add to the scrappiness aspect of the contest.

The first goal came off of a Syracuse FC corner kick from the right side and was headed straight into the back of the net by Michael Lantry.  With the momentum seemingly all in their favor, Syracuse looked to continue their attack and stretch the lead even further.  The shots that did end up on target were gobbled up comfortably by Valeo goalkeeper Alexander Balog, who tallied a total of four saves in the match.

Syracuse’s lead, however, would not be long lasting as a dangerous ball was sent into the box, and the subsequent shot led to a handball and a penalty kick awarded to Valeo FC.  Jodel Brown stepped up to take the penalty for Valeo.  With a slow walkup and slight delay in his step, Brown placed the ball with power and finesse to his right with Syracuse goalkeeper Tyler Card guessing the right direction.  However, the ball was hit with too much pace for him to reach, resulting in a goal and the game being tied 1-1. 

The second half did not fail to match the first half in terms of chippiness, effort, desire, and chances.  The chances kept coming with both Valeo and Syracuse determined to grab the lead.  Perhaps the best and most dangerous chance in the second half came for Valeo’s Jamar Campion-Hinds in the 94th minute where a ball sent into the box came perfectly to his head, leading to a powerful attempt just under the crossbar.  Tyler Card stood strong once more for Syracuse, preserving the tie and resulting in the points being shared between the two clubs. 

“It was one of those classic New York vs. Boston matchups,” said Valeo FC head coach John Hablitz. “A lot of fight in both teams, grittiness, toughness, the chances were there for both squads and that’s what we see in the 1-1 result.”

Ultimately, both goals came in the first 45 minutes.  Valeo FC returns to action at home in Newton, Massachusetts on May 14th at 7:00 pm when they will face another New York side in the New York Shockers. 

Photo Credit: Ben Reimann/Valeo FC

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