Florida Roots Falls in Fight to Jacksonville Armada FC U-23

By Florida Roots FC

Florida Roots FC kicked off at 7:00 pm CT on Wednesday, May 11 against the Jacksonville Armada FC U-23.  The second game of the season for the Roots was brought with much anticipation after their win against Tallahassee on Saturday, May 7.

A different stadium for the Roots FC had both teams at a disadvantage. The slow start was run by Jacksonville on their offensive side.  The Roots were able to break away with a pass just outside of the Armada’s box.  Although nothing came of it, it allowed the Roots two missed shots on goal.

In the 15th minute, Jacksonville broke away from the pressure of the Roots and scored on a second shot attempt.  Goalkeeper Joshua Burton was unable to get back on his feet to save the goal.  This put the Jacksonville Armada FC up by one.

Coming from behind, the Roots FC understood the need to score before the halftime whistle blew.  Fighting from box to box, the Roots fired numerous shots on goal.  Finally it landed in the 44th minute when Richard Bushmeister broke past Jacksonville’s goalkeeper to deliver an easy shot and tie the game 1-1.  As fans roared in excitement, the change of atmosphere leading into the second half would prove instrumental for the Roots’ continued defensive protection.

The second half of the match was met with unbridled intensity on the pitch.  Both teams felt their undefeated seasons slip away, and neither one wanted to give that claim up.  With missed shots on both ends, the match stayed tied 1-1 until Jacksonville broke it with a goal at the 50th minute mark. 

Although the Roots continued to fight, the Armada scored again in the 55th minute.  Even with this deficit, Roots players and fans did not give up hope.  The true warrior of the start of the second half was Burton.  His continued saves made an impact that kept the Florida Roots pushing forward. 

Even with this continued drive, Jacksonville brought the score up to 4-1, which ended up being the final result.  Fans, players, and coaches know there are still 10 games left with this being just a small blemish to the season.

Head Coach Richard Kinniburgh spoke of this game as a learning experience. 

“It’s really important to see the reaction of the boys together…focus on the positives of the first half…and learn from the mistakes of the second half,” Kinniburgh said. 

The Roots now find themselves at a .500 with a 1-1 record.  The Jacksonville Armada FC U-23 hold a record of 2-1-0.  The Florida Roots FC hit the pitch again next Wednesday, May 18th against Pensacola FC.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 pm CT.

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Photo Credit: Dawson Miller


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