SC Brave Lions Defeat FC Arizona 3-0

By FC Arizona

FC Arizona returned to play on their home turf at Bell Bank Park after four straight away games.  From the kickoff, the game was fast-paced.  SC Brave Lions midfielder Karen Yesayan scored within the first four minutes.  

Justin Wright provided SC Brave Lions with their second goal of the night in the 20th minute.  

FC Arizona midfielder Jurgen Renteria and SC Brave Lions goalkeeper Kevin Marquez were issued yellow cards due to a collision in the box in the 34th minute.  

Yesayan scored the third goal for the SC Brave Lions just two minutes later.  The first half ended with FC Arizona down 3-0. 

The second half was uneventful in the scoring department.  However, there was action on the sideline.  FC Arizona midfielder Julian Gomez was issued a red card from the bench.  SC Brave Lions received a yellow card in the 81st minute.  

Photo Credit:  Chris Voigt/FC Arizona


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