Lubbock Matadors Defeat Coyotes FC 5-0

By Lubbock Matadors

The Matadors continued to surge on the road, dominating opponents.  A team with vastly different stats between playing at home and on the road usually means the team would dominate at home.  However, the Matadors have done the opposite and managed to stay undefeated on the road. 

If you’re a Lubbock fan but have only seen the team play at home, you would be safe to assume the Matadors are in last place.  

Thanks to the brilliance of how they play on the road, the Matadors are firmly in sixth place, fighting for a finish at the top half of the table.  To the fans that didn’t know this, it’s a night and day difference between how they play at home and on the road.  The stats are mind-blowing and show how good this team can truly be for the rest of the season. 

If you look up the definition of a road warrior, a picture of the Lubbock Matadors should pop up. They are undefeated on the road, boasting a record of 2-0-1.  They have secured all seven of their points on the road.  Eight out of their nine goals have come on the road as well.  The most impressive stat of all the Matadors haven’t allowed a goal on the road all season. This brilliance being displayed on the road has allowed the Matadors to become road warriors.

They’ll need to keep up the road warrior mentality as they play two more straight games on the road.  Both come against the top two teams in the conference, FC Brownsville and Laredo Heat SC. 

Photo Credit: Lubbock Matadors


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