New Orleans Jesters Defeat Florida Roots FC 2-0

By Florida Roots FC

The Florida Roots FC played their first game at home after being on the road for three consecutive matches.  The Roots not only hosted the New Orleans Jesters but also hosted “The Office” theme night.

This match marked the halfway point of the season for the Roots.  They currently sit in second place of the Gulf Coast Conference standings.  After their previous year of winning only one game, the Roots’ current winning streak points a lot to the hard work of the team and how far head coach Richard Kinniburgh has brought them.

A strong effort was brought forth by both teams to begin the first half.  The play was matched evenly on both sides, and neither team led defensively or offensively.  It wasn’t until the 28th minute that the Florida Roots goalkeeper Joshua Burton was tested.  Just like previous matches, he proved his talent in the goal and kept the Jesters scoreless.

Four minutes later a foul was committed in the box on the Roots’ defensive end.  A penalty kick awarded to the Jesters was made and brought the score to 1-0 in favor of New Orleans.  The rest of the half was scoreless on both ends. 

By the second half, the tension on the field started to rise.  The Roots wanted to keep their win streak alive, and the Jesters wanted to reach a .500 from their current 1-2-0 record.  In the 57th minute the Jesters brought another attack on goal and scored bringing it to 2-0 in favor of New Orleans.

The Roots did not let this deficit dull their drive. With every move, there was a Florida Roots player on the ball.  By the 70th minute the game had become physical, and the referees were forced to separate the teams on the pitch.  A red card was given to Richard Bushmeister, which only fueled the intensity on the field.

In the end, the Florida Roots FC failed to score a goal, and New Orleans left with all three points.  Although it was a well-fought game, drives after drives on goal came up unsuccessful.  The only thing Kinniburgh had to say was “tough night and thank you to the supporters who came out.” 

Fans were able to keep their heads up with excitement from not only a game, but also from trivia and hot dog eating contests.

After this defeat, the Roots find themselves with a record of 3-3-0.  The New Orleans Jesters now find record at 2-2-0.  The Florida Roots FC hit the pitch again this Sunday, June 5th at home at Tommy Oliver Stadium.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 pm CT.  The Roots will also be hosting a Dizzy Bat Shootout and welcome all fans in the Panama City Area to join. 

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Photo Credit: Dawson Miller/Florida Roots FC

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