1-1 Draw for New York Shockers and Valeo FC

By New York Shockers

The New York Shockers continued their 2022 season on Saturday, June 18 by hosting Velo FC in what was a highly competitive matchup at Afrim’s Sports Park. 

Both teams came out with an aggressive start having to battle through the rain and the slippery conditions.  Valeo was first to control the tempo, catching the Shockers on their heels in the initial minutes of the game, allowing for a few opportunities for a shot on goal.  As the first half continued, the greater time of possession allowed for Valeo to capitalize and find the back of the goal as Sean Bonval was able to score, putting Valeo ahead in the 17th minute. 

As the rain continued to fall both, the Shockers defense did not back down, both teams continued to challenge the other to maintain momentum.  Starting the second half both teams came out looking to secure the upper hand.  Still battling against the wet field conditions, the New York Shockers are able to come out and control the tempo as they increase their communication and ball movement.  As the Shockers continued the extensive ball movement, it allowed for the offense to find more opportunities to put the ball in the box creating more opportunities for shots on goal.  

Combining the aggression of the Shockers offense and the increasing opportunities in the box allowed for the Shockers to capitalize on a penalty kick as Pedro Espindola was able to score for the Shockers, tying the score at 1-1 in the 60th minute.  As the latter minutes of the matchup carried on, wet field conditions continued to play a factor as both teams struggled to maintain significant possession and allowed the defense of both teams to shine.  Neither team saw another goal in the second half as the conclusion of the game resulted in a 1-1 draw for the New York Shockers. 

The New York Shockers continue their 2022 season Saturday, June 25th as they travel to take on Kingston Stockade FC. 

Photos Courtesy of New York Shockers


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