Temecula FC Falls to ASC San Diego 2-0

To say that Saturday’s match against ASC San Diego was important for Temecula FC would be quite the understatement.  Only a win would truly keep the Quails in the hunt for the playoffs.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a very lackluster performance from the home side.  If not for the one kick off and kicking off from the two goals being scored from San Diego, Temecula FC would not have seen a touch of the ball outside of a five-minute spell after already being down 2-0.

ASC possessed the ball early and never let it go and always looked the more threatening side on the night. If it were not for such a great sunset, there would not have been too much for the Temecula supporters to enjoy. The game started out fast and furious from San Diego pressing from minute one and although the first half ended goalless, much of the same remained in the second half.  San Diego grabbed an early goal from Amani Walker getting in behind the Temecula backline and touching the ball over Ben Chamberlin in the Temecula goal. Then a mistake in the back from Temecula FC’s Justin Picue led to San Diego’s second goal, which was also tapped in by Walker.  This goal sealed the Quails’ fate on the night.

Temecula FC will look to bounce back against Oxnard next weekend in the NPSL National Game of the Week, while ASC San Diego will face conference leaders FC Golden State.

Temecula FC Staff – contributor
Photo Credit: Doug Yoder of By Design Images

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