FC Arizona and Orange County FC Finish with 0-0 Draw

A win at home once again eluded FC Arizona during a game with rival Orange County FC.

The game ended in a 0-0 draw but Head Coach Maxie Viera was happy with his team’s performance under the circumstances.

“I think the team is coming together,” Viera said. “We still have to finish.  I am trying to educate, because I play in high levels and I coach in high levels.”

Viera said the game progressed exactly as the team had prepared.

“I saw them (Orange County) on Wednesday against Albion, pretty good team,”  he said. “I went to California. I kind of prepared for what was going to happen.”

Cesar Mexia, whose lone goal lifted FC Arizona (2-2–2) to a 1-0 a week ago over Riverside, had quite a few shots on Saturday that just missed.

“We were so close to taking three points,” he said of the missed opportunity. “But the effort of the whole team was very good.”

Mexia said that the it was very important to keep OCFC (2-0-3) scoreless.

“We didn’t start the year very good,” he said. “It’s (defense) getting better.  We are going to have a better second half.”

“The team is building up to be a very good team,” Viera said. “Orange County was undefeated, still undefeated, tough team, good coach.”

Viera said the league draws better players, making each game competitive.

“For what I have we are trying to do what we can,” Viera said. “I like what the team is doing. There’s a reason why I played so many years. There’s a reason why I play in so many countries. You have to have a good team and we’re building a good team.”

Viera said it all comes down to a little bit of faith.

“These guys have to believe in themselves,” he said. “Then we’re always going to do good. Sometimes it takes a little bit.”

Arianna Grainey – contributor
Photo Credit: Arianna Grainey/FC Arizona

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