El Farolito Defeats Academica SC 2-0

This week Academica SC had quite a challenge against their opponent El Farolito. This game was very important for Academica since Farolito knocked them out of the U.S. Open Cup last year, but Academica was determined to defeat them at their home field.

First Half Analysis

This match against El Farolito brought several fans to support their Central Valley team. Before the game began, each respective team prepared to face one another. Then all players set up to begin their introduction to the crowd. Shortly after, the whistle was blown to commence the game. The enthusiasm was well-reflected in the first string players, but was also observed from those in the sidelines. Academica wanted to set the tone since the beginning and started pressing El Farolito, but they did not fall back. Both teams had goal attempts in the first few minutes of the match but none were successful. Academica had an opportunity to score in minute 24 as Cody Golbad struck a powerful shot at El Farolito’s goal and Adrian Plasencia received the rebound, but kicked the ball out of bounds. Alex Bettencourt created space on the wing and whipped in a dangerous ball that Golbad was only able to put over the crossbar.

Soon after, in minute 29 El Farolito had an offensive play which challenged Academica keeper Martin Sanchez. The ball was blocked and sent to the center towards a Farolito player who rebounded and put their team ahead 1-0.

Academica fought hard in order to add a goal to the scoreboard. They had various plays that put the crowd at the edge of their seats. Towards the end of the first half Academica player Marcus Decouto shot at goal in an attempt to score, but was blocked. Then, El Farolito attacked at goal one last time before the half was concluded, but did not score.

Second Half Analysis

Coming into the second half El Farolito continued to press the defensive line of Academica. In minute 58 of this match, El Farolito created a great passing play and scored for the second time putting them up 2-0. For instance, in minute 86 Jose Barriga received a cross ball and headed the ball inches wide. Ahmed Mohammed found himself one-on-one with the El Farolito keeper on two occasions in the dying minutes, but was unable to convert them.

Academica’s next game will be at FC Davis on April 28th at 7:00 pm ET.

Mayela Lopez – contributor
Photo Credit: Brittney Virgo

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