2023 National Championship Matchday Guide


Welcome to the 2023 NPSL National Championship! We are excited to watch this national title match at Soldier Field at Rogers State University in Claremore, OK.

We will have a tremendous game as Tulsa Athletic faces off against Apotheos FC. This should be an excellent match-up as both teams feature potent offenses and strong defending. Tulsa Athletic and Apotheos FC both ran through a grueling regular season, and continued their strong form during the Conference and Region playoff stages. 

The 2023 NPSL National Championship is the culmination of a long and successful season, one that featured 94 teams from across the United States. 2023 was a huge year for the league thanks to large crowds, impressive growth and expansion, and most recently a wildly exciting postseason.

We hope that you enjoy the game and your time here in Claremore.

Kenny Farrell
National Premier Soccer League

Stadium Information

  • Fans are not permitted on the field at any time, for any reason. Any fan that enters the field will be arrested and prosecuted for trespassing.
  • In the event of a lightning delay, fans are to exit the stadium and take cover indoors.
  • Concessions and restrooms are located in the fieldhouse underneath the overhang.

Tulsa Athletic Roster

Head Coach: Jason Rogers

1GKBryson Reed
3DEFVitor Turnes
5DEFFrancisco Lopez
6MIDVini Oliveira ©
7DEFAndrew Nunez
8MIDMikey Mallon
9FWDAaron Ugbah
10MIDJuan Moreno
11MIDRoman Torres
13FWDRuben Carrasco
15DEFEthan Gordon
16MIDJoel Quashie
17DEFChris Taylor
19FWDLuis Flores
20FWDReed Berry
21MIDJoseph Ruiz
22FWDAbou Diallo
25GKRyder Claborn


Apotheos FC Roster

Head Coach: Bruno Kalonji


1GKHenry Pleitez
2MIDAlhaji Tambadu
3DLamin Ceesay
4DKymani Irving
7MWilfried Kamdem
8MBrahan Gamarra Uribe
9FJunior Sandoval
10MBlake White
11FGeovanni Rios
14FPatrick Okonkwo
15FEmmanuel Alerte
16DMohamed Diakite ©
18MMoustaphe Dante
20FSamaan Williams
21DMohamed Lamin Gerewou
22FAnthony Sumo Jr
24DSamir Williams