New York Shockers Defeat Valeo FC 3-1

By Valeo FC

A beautiful sunny day saw an even matchup unfold between Valeo FC and the New York Shockers at General Foley Stadium in Worcester, MA. 

Both teams had chances in the first half.  After a scoreless 30 minutes, the Shockers took the lead off a fairly uneventful goal.  Valeo evened the score soon after. 

It was 1-1 at the half but it wouldn’t last long as Shockers scored within five minutes to take a 2-1 lead and then put Valeo away with another goal to finish off the game. 

The game finished 3-1 with the Shockers earning their first win of the season on the road, while Valeo starts the season winless.

Photos Provided by Valeo FC


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