East Bay FC Stompers Take Down Napa Valley 1839 FC

A beautiful evening for soccer could be found at Dodd Stadium as 1839 FC tried to take down the East Bay FC Stompers, but unfortunately the home side was not able to keep the three points. A game that consisted of five yellow cards and two red cards, leaving each team with ten players to finish the game, consisted of mainly counter attacks and possession coming from both ends of the field.

The Stompers were able to net their first goal of the game very early on, in the first nine minutes of the game, when Michael Tieku put the ball past 1839 FC goalkeeper Javier Valdez. The first goal came from a driven cross that bounced around the 18-yard box where Tieku was able to put a foot on the ball.  Tieku was able to score his second goal of the game in the nineteenth minute.   He played a great game, pressuring the backline of 1839 FC and putting East Bay on the scoreboard twice.

It wasn’t until the 34th minute that Napa’s own Max Alvarez was able to put 1839 FC on the board. Alvarez was able to take a ball from the right wing and put a shot past the Stompers keeper.  The first half of the game had many opportunities to put each team on the board.

East Bay FC Stompers received a free kick from 1839 FC hitting the top crossbar in the second half.  Gustavo Tavera-Rico was able to put a foot on the ball right in front of the goal, extending the lead to 3-1 for East Bay.

Minutes later Tavera-Rico was shown a red card, leaving East Bay with just ten players. In the 86th minute of the game 1839 FC committed a foul, giving a free kick to East Bay from thirty yards out. Nigus Solomon was able to put the ball just to the left of 1839 FC three-man wall, extending the lead even further for the East Bay FC Stompers.

Late in the game 1839 FC defender Juan Acosta was able to put his head on the ball off a corner kick, trying to close the deficit. 1839 FC’s own Jorge Lua was awarded his second yellow card of the game, which automatically became a red, after committing a foul on the Stompers goalkeeper in injury time.

The game ended in a 4-2 victory for East Bay Stompers over Napa Valley 1839 FC.

Noel Roldan – contributor
Photo Credit: Ian Burgeson / Napa Valley 1839 FC

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