West Texas FC Defeats Central Texas Coyotes FC 5-2

By West Texas FC

West Texas FC fell to Brownsville in their home opener, but kept hope alive for game two against Central Texas Coyotes FC.  West Texas FC hosted their Youth Soccer Night, where divisional winners from the recreational association were congratulated.  There was definitely winning in the air.  

West Texas came on strong with a goal in the 7th minute thanks to Martin Juanche Gomez.  Alberto Romano followed suit in the 18th minute.

The Coyotes fought back with a goal from Edgar Soto in the 26th minute.  Crowd favorite Gustavo Barroso scored for West Texas in the 39th minute. 

West Texas FC returned with fire in the second half, and the Coyotes were not afraid to go into the fire.  Seamus Quinn and Calum Murdoch added goals for West Texas in the 49th and 51st minutes respectively, while Alberto Campbell scored for the visitors in the 61st minute.  West Texas FC would give their fans the win in the end as the final score was 5-2.


West Texas head coach Victor Domingues shared his thoughts on the match.  “This is the first of many, but we go game by game until we achieve our goal.” 

West Texas FC will face Denton Diablos FC on Wednesday, May 24th at Texas Woman’s University.  

Photo Credit: Mpoweredmedia 


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