Crossfire Red Defeats OSA Seattle FC 4-2

By OSA Seattle FC

OSA Seattle FC was defeated 4-2 by Crossfire Red on Saturday.  OSA Seattle changed their lineup from the first game, playing with a 4-3-3. This superiority in the middle of the field made the match very even during the first few minutes.  However, the first blunder of the match came for OSA Seattle in the form of a set piece.

After a corner in the 24th minute, Crossfire Red scored the first goal.  Forward Nathaniel Jones found himself with a loose ball in the box, firing home with OSA Seattle goalkeeper Grant Vasi helpless.

After a solid start, this goal came as a bit of a shock to the morale of the home team.  After a corner and a series of rebounded shots, Jones made it 2-0 just four minutes later.  Unfortunately, two minutes later, OSA Seattle defender Nick Allen committed a penalty in front of the box that was again converted by Jones.  The Crossfire Red standout completed a hat trick in the span of just seven minutes. 

Crossfire’s Kalani Kossa-Rienzi made it 4-0 in the 40th minute.

However, the second half was totally different. After thinking about what happened, the intensity with which OSA Seattle FC came out in the second half was totally different.  From the first moment it was decided that the pressure should be on the opponent’s field, preventing them from triangulating and completing the advantages on the flank that had done so much damage in the first half. 

Woody Manum, replaced by Nick Allen at halftime, was a torture for the opposition, tirelessly running up the flank.

After a steal in midfield, OSA striker Nick O’Brien quickly played a deep pass to right winger Mark Gallagher who beat the keeper in a textbook 1v1 in the 60th minute.  

Due to the team’s fatigue, three offensive changes were then made with left back Kersten Heyer, midfielder Oscar Rincon, and forwards Eric Lagos and Michael Divano coming on.  These changes continued to freshen up OSA Seattle and allowed them to press at a high intensity.  

Again, a steal in midfield by captain Jose Cachon led to Gallagher assisting an empty netter for the newly added Lagos in the 78th minute.  Unfortunately, the striker was substituted a minute later with a heavy blow to the head at the expense of James Wilson.

The last 10 minutes of the match ended in the same tone as the second half.  High pressure from OSA Seattle was met by great defense from Crossfire Red, and the match came to a close as a 4-2 win for Crossfire.  

All in all, this was a vibrant match with two very distinct halves.  Crossfire Red took advantage of the disconnection and defensive errors from OSA Seattle in the first half.  The intensity of the home team picked up in the second half and a pair of goals were the result.

The feeling was that more could have been done by OSA Seattle and that you have to go in with intensity from the first minute.  However, it was discovered that you can compete toe to toe against one of the best teams in the conference.

Photo Credit: Melissa E. Levin

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