Greenville United Defeats Grove United 1-0

By Greenville United

The match between Greenville United and Grove United took place on Saturday, June 10th at John Paul II Catholic High School.

The opening minutes of the match consisted in a back-and-forth battle of strategies being implemented and thwarted by both teams.  This trend proved consistent through the first 20 minutes.  Both teams displayed good defense.  Greenville United began stringing together passes following the brief water break, which would amount to a series of shots that wouldn’t find the mark.  

In the 44th minute, Greenville forward Giancarlo Dostillio found space on the left side and took a right-footed shot that was just out of the keeper’s reach and fell into the bottom right corner.  Greenville would carry this 1-0 lead into halftime.  

The second half began with Greenville once again possessing effectively.  Grove was beginning to find their passing rhythm.  Grove United began to get creative in their attack, but was faced with a relentless pace from the Greenville United side.  

This pace would begin to slow in the last 20 minutes of the match.  Grove United began to create chances, and this started to put Greenville United on the back foot.  A pass from a Grove United defender found the left winger who was denied before he could cross.  The resulting corner found the head of a Grove United attacker in the 88th minute, which Greenville goalkeeper Soren Russel collected calmly.  

The match would end as a 1-0 win for Greenville.


Photo Credit: Robby Sheets


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