Dakota Fusion FC Defeats Joy St. Louis Park 5-2

By Beth Garten/Dakota Fusion FC 

Dakota Fusion FC was on the road on Wednesday, June 14 as they traveled to play Joy St. Louis Park.  Joy was coming off a win over Minnesota TwinStars FC 5-3, while the Fusion had momentum after a win over LC Aris FC 6-0. 

Joy started out strong with Zinedine Kroeten netting a goal in the 17th minute followed by Bennett Kouame in the 21st minute.  

These goals seemed to spark a fire in the Fusion as Mate Lengyel, assisted by Yu Tsukanome scored in the 34th minute.  Eight minutes later, Tsukanome, assisted by Kenshiro Yamaguchi, netted Fusion’s second goal to tie things up before halftime. 

The Fusion came out even stronger in the second half, hungry for a win.  In the 59th minute, Shoki Yoshida netted a beautiful goal off a free kick.  Just a minute later, Yoshida scored again with an assist by Tsukanome.  

Both teams played with intensity in the second half but Fusion seemed to have an edge over the Goats, sealed by another goal by Yoshida assisted by Cai Pritchard in the 72nd minute.  This goal gave Yoshida his first hat trick of the NPSL season. 

The Fusion are on the road again as they face Med City FC in Rochester, MN on Saturday, June 17th. 

Photo Credit: Beth Garten/Dakota Fusion FC 


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