Hershey FC Defeats Electric City Shock SC 1-0

By Hershey FC

It was a perfect night for soccer.  Clear skies and comfortable temps set the night just right for a battle.  Hershey FC was home against Electric City Shock SC.  Hershey was coming off their first loss of the season.  This game did not disappoint the soccer fans.  It was a hard-fought game from start to finish. 

The game started off fast.  Electric City used their speed to quickly counter everything Hershey did, while Hershey tried to work the ball forward methodically.  Hershey FC’s Jason Goldfeder played a beautiful cross in but Hershey couldn’t quite capitalize in the first minute.  Then Electric City came back about a minute later and had a chance on their own.  Luckily the Hershey goalkeeper was able to clear up the chance.  This really set the tone for the rest of the game. 

The first half went back and forth.  Both teams had about the same number of chances, but both teams had to dig deep and fight for what they had.  In the 41st minute, Hershey FC’s Aiden O’Sullivan took a tactical yellow.  Hershey had a corner which Electric City was able to get a head on.  That touch gave Electric City a great opportunity to counter quickly, and Hershey didn’t have many players back, so O’Sullivan had to wrap the player up.  

It was a well-deserved 0-0 tie on both sides at halftime. 

The second half was more of the same.  It was back and forth with a few chances sprinkled in. You could tell both teams wanted it badly, and both teams were pressing every chance they had. Neither team was giving an inch.  

It felt like the game would end in a tie, but Hershey FC got a little gift in the 87th minute.  Electric City had possession for what felt like forever, moving the ball nicely around the pitch. They finally sent a nice ball forward, and Hershey was able to gain possession.  Hershey then quickly moved it down their right side and decided to play a ball up and over their right wing. The Electric City defender got to the ball first, but felt the pressure from the Hershey winger. They tried to play the bouncing ball back to the goalkeeper but hit it a little hard. The Electric City goalkeeper tried to head it to keep it from going in, but couldn’t quite get enough on it. 

Electric City did not hold back after this, and they came back with a vengeance.  Electric City took control of the last few minutes with the referee adding four extra minutes.  Hershey pulled everyone in and did their best to not give Electric City a chance to tie it up, but that didn’t stop Electric City from trying.  They had a few more chances but wasn’t able to put it away. 

This win lets Hershey stay on top of the Keystone West Conference. 

Hershey FC General Manager Ben Shirk shared his thoughts on the match.

“We came in to tonight’s game knowing it meant a lot to start the second half of the season off strong,” Shirk said. “Coming off our first lose of the season, we knew Electric City would be a fight.  They did not disappoint.  I couldn’t be happier with where this team is right now.  We had a rough season last year, but I had faith in this team.  I knew they could do it, and they are proving it game after game.  We are now six games into the season, and the boys are really coming together.” 

Photo Credit: Hershey FC


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