California Odyssey SC Defeats Las Vegas Legends FC 2-0

By California Odyssey SC

It was a very hot day in the Central Valley.  The weather that both teams are familiar with wasn’t going to be the difference in this match, especially a game with this much value.  There was playoff position and leverage for overall points on the line. 

The game started with both team’s center backs on the ball early with time and space to make sharp and smart decisions for their team.  After 25 minutes of play, California Odyssey SC was winning every first and second ball, but the Las Vegas Legends came up with the first scoring opportunity.  Las Vegas tried to chip goalkeeper Eddie Veliz but Gavin House was there to head the ball over the goal for a corner kick.  A similar play occurred just moments later.  A shot was aimed at the goal with the goalkeeper outside of goal, but House was there once again to keep the game level 0-0 at halftime.

The second half began with Odyssey still winning the first and second efforts.  However, now Odyssey were the ones with chances on goal, and of course it wouldn’t take long before they got on the scoreboard.  Odyssey were controlling possession, patiently moving the ball from once side of the field to the other and getting clear looks and moments on goal.  Leo Marquez got a shot off the crossbar that looked like it was going in to get the team celebrating.  Later Eduardo Villar Arango got a similar result from a similar play.  Gustavo Ledesma had his own moment, but was denied by Las Vegas goalkeeper.  

After several clear chances, a long throw from Leonardo Marquez had the Las Vegas defense watching the ball sail past everyone.  Villar Arango made a great effort to get his foot on the ball and put it into the net to put Odyssey up 1-0.  Then Ledesma came up with a few more scoring opportunities that were denied by the opposition’s goalkeeper. 

With less than 15 minutes remaining, Ledesma set up Villar Arango for what would be his second goal of the night.  Las Vegas sent players into attack, but Odyssey was able to deny any hope as the game would end as a 2-0 win for the California side.

Odyssey is 3-0 in the last three games of conference play, scoring eight goals and not allowing a goal in return.  There is a lot of excitement surrounding California Odyssey SC in their first season in the NPSL.

Photo Credit: California Odyssey SC


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