Virginia Beach City FC and Grove United Split Points for Second Time this Season

By Mekhai Whitaker and Carter Atherton 

VB City FC and Grove Soccer United displayed great soccer in a thrilling rematch.  The teams, both winless on the season, came out with intensity and hunger for a win in Norfolk, VA.

VB City FC goalkeeper Jack Desroches proved to be the backbone of the team’s success, making several outstanding saves throughout the game.  Desroches displayed impeccable reflexes, denying Grove United’s attacking efforts and ensuring his team’s lead remained intact.  His exceptional performance between the posts was instrumental in securing the much-needed point for VB City FC.

The match began with a burst of energy as both teams sought to gain the upper hand.  In the 15th minute, VB City FC was awarded a penalty kick, and it was Eli Carr who stepped up to take the crucial spot kick.  Carr displayed nerves of steel, skillfully sliding the ball into the left corner of the net, leaving the Grove United goalkeeper rooted to the spot.  The goal ignited the crowd, and VB City FC took the early lead.

As the second half unfolded, Grove United unleashed a spirited offensive surge.  In the 51st minute, they earned a corner kick and sent a powerful header towards VB City FC’s goal. Desroches displayed his shot-stopping prowess once again, expertly saving the goal-bound effort and denying Grove United a crucial equalizer.  The acrobatic save from Desroches showcased his unwavering focus and remarkable reflexes, earning him accolades from both teammates and fans alike.

As it seemed the game was in VB City FC’s favor, Grove United netted a pivotal goal in the 76th minute to draw level.  The goal was a well-placed strike from the top of the box that went by Desroches on the far side. 

Virginia Beach City had chances in the dying minutes as Gavin Page was behind the last defender, but took too large of a touch.  They were not alone as Grove United was halted in the 90th minute by a diving save from Desroches yet again, securing the 1-1 draw.

The fans in Norfolk, who have faithfully supported VB City FC, played an integral role.  Their unwavering dedication and boisterous cheers provided the team with an extra surge of motivation, propelling them to fight until the final whistle.

VB City has a tough week coming up where they look to claim their first win of the season.  The squad will take on FC Fredrick at home in their final home game of the season on Friday, June 23rd and then travel to play Northern Virginia United FC on Sunday, June 25th. 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Payne


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