Hershey FC Defeats Pennsylvania Classics 1-0

By Hershey FC

Hershey FC finished out their last regular season home on Wednesday night against PA Classics. In their meeting on June 10th, PA Classics handed Hershey FC their only loss of the season. Hershey came into tonight’s game with one goal in mind: avenge that game. 

It didn’t take long for the fans to see that it was going to be a defensive battle.  The game started off very back and forth.  PA Classics had the first chance in the third minute off a nice cross to a header which went well over.  

In the 14th minute, Hershey FC’s Jason Goldfeder capitalized on a hard first touch by a PA Classics player.  Goldfeder drove the ball down the sideline and crossed the ball through the box. Brian San found the end of the pass and hit a gorgeous curling back-post shot in to take the 1-0 lead. 

After the goal, both teams showed they were here to win.  It was a battle, and nobody wanted to make a mistake.  PA Classics was moving the ball well, but Hershey was up to the challenge. Hershey clogged all the shooting lanes; any chance Hershey had they would quickly counter. This went on most of the game.  In the 16th minute, Bo Shirk had to take a yellow card at midfield when Pa Classics was able to quickly counter.  It shut down a good opportunity. 

Each team had a few opportunities through the rest of the first half but then in the 45th minute, Nolan Ciesielka took a yellow card in the corner, giving Classics a good opportunity. Classics put a nice ball into the back post but Hershey goalkeeper Eric Axtman was able to get up and grab it midair.  As Axtman came down, Classics midfielder Michael Chiha tried to dislodge the ball but tried a little too hard and took his first yellow card.  The first half ended 1-0 with both teams having a lot to talk about during the halftime break. 

The second half started off with more of the same. Both teams earned corners, freekicks, and chances, but neither could do much with them.  Classics had a few shots, but they were all easily cleaned up by the Hershey goalkeeper. 

Hershey’s Brady Olsen picked up a yellow card in the 62nd minute after a challenge took both players to the ground.  In the 69th minute, Classics forward Cohen Weaver received a yellow card for a late tackle. 

Things calmed down a bit after that, but neither team could put any real chances together. Classics did a good job possessing the ball, but Hershey would shut everything down once it got to the box.  In the 85th minute, San was booked after running into a Classics player when he was going for a ball.  Four minutes later, Hershey’s Brady Olsen received his second yellow card for kicking a ball away.  This means that Olsen will miss Hershey’s next game against West Chester. 

Classics midfielder Christopher Richards received a yellow card in the 92nd minute for a trip after Hershey’s Cooper Bouslough cleared the ball.  The cards showed the fight in the game. Neither team wanted to quit, and both teams fought until the final whistle.  It was a great game to watch, but Hershey FC was able to come away with a 1-0 win. 

Hershey FC head coach Rich Bryan shared his thoughts on the result. 

“Respect to these boys,” Bryan said. “We keep getting written off and disrespected, but we show our fight and character.  Always pleasing to win a local derby match, and I hope this gets us across the line for playoffs.”

Hershey is coming off a rough season last year.  Hershey wasn’t even on the radar coming into this season, and most looked at Hershey as a warmup game.  Hershey has proved everyone wrong. With just one more win, Hershey will lock up a playoff spot.  The heart of this team is ready and will fight every minute in the last two games to get it done. 

Photo Credit: Chipi San


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