5-1 Win for Napa Valley 1839 FC in 2024 Home Opener

By Napa Valley 1839 FC

Napa Valley 1839 FC kicked off their 2024 NPSL season on Saturday, March 9 at Memorial Stadium in Napa, California.  Napa played host to San Ramon FC in a throwback venue.  Memorial Stadium seats over 6,000 fans and was the home for Napa Valley 1839 FC during its first two seasons.

The game kicked off a couple minutes after 7:00 pm after doing a minute of recognition for the families that lost loved ones in the shooting at the Veterans Home of California, six years prior to the day.

Multiple attempts would come early from Napa, but San Ramon’s goalkeeper made several solid saves to keep them in the game.

In the 18th minute a short corner was played by Napa Valley 1839 FC from Ryan Kane to Dario Pavon.  Then Pavon played it back and allowed Kane to put a cross into the back post.  Ian Reis came away with the headed ball amidst some defensive confusion.  The goal would give Napa Valley 1839 FC a 1-0 lead. 

In the 41st minute a defensive blunder was made by Napa Valley 1839 FC, allowing San Ramon to counter and slot in a goal.  Halftime came with the score tied at 1-1.

The second half kicked off, and Napa made an impact after just one minute.  Sam Henneberg played a ball to Kane who played a one-time touch to Pavon.  A beautiful left-footed volley from Pavon allowed Napa to take the 2-1 lead with 43 minutes to play.

Five minutes later, a ball crossed in by Kane was just missed by Napa’s Oscar Ortiz.

A corner kick was played short to Miguel Lara who put a left-footed cross in for Reis in the 59th minute.  Then Reis put a headed ball back across the goal.  When the goalkeeper attempted to punch it out, he didn’t get enough on it, and the ball ended up in the back of the net to give Napa a 3-1 lead.

Later an unbelievable volley by Pavon was saved by the San Ramon keeper to keep the score at 3-1.  With nine minutes to play, Napa grabbed a breakaway, and Oscar Ortiz shot a screamer at the goalkeeper who made the save.  It was picked up by Napa’s Sebastian Carbajal.  The 19-year-old hit a screamer into the top of the goal to push Napa up 4-1.

With just four minutes to play, Paris Martins sent a shot across the box to the back post.  Carbajal played the ball, which looked to be going in, but Napa Valley 1839 FC newcomer Pat Neill finished for the 5-1 lead.

One of the few games in our seven seasons was centered by official Jamie Padilla.  It was Women’s Empowerment Day, and to be fair, the game was well managed and arguably one of the best officiated games the team has had.  It’s easy to say when you’re on the winning side, but both teams kept a clean game in the process.  It was a great way to show the over 400 fans, both young and old, what it is to play the beautiful game.

Napa Valley 1839 FC finished in the top 10 in the NPSL last season.  The remainder of Napa Valley 1839 FC’s season will be played at Justin Siena’s Dodd Stadium where the team has averaged over 800 fans in attendance.  Napa Valley 1839 FC’s next NPSL game will be on Saturday, March 23 when Napa plays a road match against Oakland Soccer Club.

Photo Credit: Lucky Duck Images 


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