CF10 Houston FC Defeats Fort Worth Vaqueros FC 2-1

By Elizabeth Pazmino Ocampo/CF10 Houston FC

Many friends and family members turned out for CF10 Houston FC’s final home game on Saturday, June 29.  It was a positive result because CF10 came away with a 2-1 victory in the final minutes of the game with Fort Worth Vaqueros FC.

CF10 had a complicated season since the home results did not go as expected.  On the road they encountered stronger teams that surpassed them on several occasions.

The home team opened the scoring with a goal from Marcelo Ojeda in the fourth minute.  It was clear that CF10 had taken corrective measures after a 5-2 loss to FC Brownsville on June 26.  José Ojeda had a goal disallowed just three minutes later.

The tying goal for the Vaqueros came from Clay Morador in the 24th minute, and the score remained unchanged at halftime.

The Vaqueros started the second half with a focus on possession and took advantage of mistakes by CF10 on the right wing, which has been their Achilles heel this season.

The Vaqueros had some opportunities during the last 20 minutes, but CF10 head coach Jimmy Krueger made some changes to refresh the team that seemed to have lost speed and control of the ball.  Substitute Luis Mahecha scored in the 85th minute, bringing joy to those who attended this match. 

The match would come to a close, finishing as a 2-1 win for CF10 Houston FC.  CF10’s home matches are broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook for all fans and supporters of the club.

Photos Courtesy of CF10 Houston FC


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