Behind the Design: New Orleans Jesters Collection

By New Orleans Jesters

The first documented soccer game in the United States took place in New Orleans, all the way back in 1859. To celebrate that fateful match, the New Orleans Jesters have crafted a special collection that honors the legacy of soccer in Louisiana and salutes the vibrance of the Crescent City.

The home jersey in this collection takes full ownership of the Mardi Gras colors. Paying homage to the city’s joyful festival tradition, the jersey features a striking color scheme of Peppermint Leaf, Mystical Grape, and Mardi Gras Gold. Each hue carries symbolic significance: purple for Justice, green for Faith, and gold for Power. 

These colors are not only reflected in the jersey but also in a special logo located on the back/top of the neck, serving as a visual representation of the values ingrained in New Orleans culture. Lastly, there’s an emphasis on the Jester’s checks, imagined through a kaleidoscope of grain, layering, color half-tone dots, and bold diagonals.

For the overall pattern, the Jesters drew inspiration from Harlequins, who created their own costumes by sewing together fabric scraps in an elongated diamond motif. Over time, this diamond pattern became associated with funny, mischievous characters, such as court jesters. The diamonds of the Jester can be seen in the design of this jersey, adding a playful nod to the club’s namesake.

Inspired by the iconic architecture of New Orleans, the away jersey boasts a captivating shadow stripe reminiscent of the city’s intricate wrought iron balconies. The wrought iron pattern also incorporates a vibrant pinstripe, lending a touch of classic soccer aesthetics to the design.

The main pattern draws from the rich heritage of New Orleans, particularly the ornate wrought iron balconies and gates that adorn landmarks along St. Charles Avenue and in the historic French Quarter. Dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, this intricate ironwork, influenced by Spanish architecture, is characterized by elaborate floral and leaf motifs, often embellished with the iconic fleur-de-lis — a symbol also featured prominently in the club’s logo.

Finally, the limited-edition alternate jersey draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of jazz history. The design intricately weaves together iconic imagery inspired by the instruments synonymous with the jazz genre, creating a visually captivating tribute that celebrates the city’s eclectic musical heritage. 

The jersey’s debut coincides with the backdrop of the French Quarter Festival. This annual celebration showcases the city’s vibrant local music scene and culinary traditions, creating a dynamic setting that mirrors the jersey’s tribute to jazz culture.

Photo Credit: New Orleans Jesters


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