Storm FC Falls to Miami United FC

The match was a thrashing of epic proportions due to the Storm’s inexperience versus the power of Miami United FC. The Storm held on until the 23rd minute when United broke the deadlock off a mistake from the Storm backline. After that, it was a shower of goals in the first half that made it  4-0 at halftime. The Storm could not keep up physically and only had some chances on set pieces of fouls on the edge of the sidelines in both halves.

The second half was a similar story as the physical capacity of the Storm was completely depleted while United fended off the meager Storm attacks through quick counter attacks. In the last quarter of the match, the Storm managed to string together some great plays and keep United in their own half.  But it was too little, too late as the plethora of substitutions diluted the match and broke any consistency and continuity the match had up until that point.

The match would finish as a 9-0 loss for Storm FC at the hands of Miami United.

Miami United absolutely deserves the three points and are on their way to claim the top spot in the conference.


Contributor: Storm FC
Photo Credit: Gibran Tevar

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