Academica SC Falls to Sacramento Gold FC 5-4

In a back-and-forth matchup, the visitors got the best of Academica SC this past weekend as Sacramento Gold FC was able to come away with their first three points of the season after yet again another disappointing final stretch of play by Academica.

The Gold came out strong out of the gate as Clay Silvas was able to find the back of the net early, stunning the home team. After causing some more havoc for the Academica backline, the home side was able to get one back as center back Desmond Madrigal found the back of the net to tie it at one.

With momentum on their heels, Academica pushed through the Sacramento defense as Jorge Carmona was able to free up Cody Golbad for the second goal of the match for the home side and giving Academica the lead for the moment.

Sacramento answered back as Aroon Molina was able to slip one through to tie it up shortly before halftime.

The second half was all Academica’s at the start as Golbad was able to get on the end of a nifty pass by Alex Bettencourt and score Academica’s third of the night. The game began to become a tense affair as both teams were met with some hard challenges as tempers bagan to flare. Ramiro Ceja was able to create space on top of the opposing box and fire a rocket into the back of the golds net in the 71st minute to give the home side a two-goal lead.

After some missed opportunities by the home side, Sacramento began their march to victory with under 10 minutes left to play as Johnny Muresan gave the visitors the goal that started the come back as he received a cross into the area from Roberto Mendoza in the 82nd minute. Shortly after, Sacramento continued to create space and open up play setting up for the fourth goal of the match for the visitors as Roberto Mendoza got on the score sheet.

As minute 90 hit, Sacramento Gold FC continued their onslaught, creating mistakes for the home side and earning a foul deep in the opposing teams end. Nico Gonzalez went on to place a well- taken free kick into a dangerous area where he found his teammate Kaba Alkebulan for the game-winning goal for the visiting side. This makes three out of the last four games where Academica gives up a multiple goal lead in the final 10 minutes. Sacramento finishes the match with its first three points of the year.

Academica now travels to Oakland to play CD Aguiluchos USA this Saturday, June 9th. Sacramento Gold hosts first place El Farolito.


Contributor: Michael Rocha/Academica SC
Photo Credit: Brittney Virgo

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