Katy 1895 FC Falls in Shreveport

Katy 1895 FC took on Shreveport Rafters FC for the second time this season on Saturday night, in Shreveport, Louisiana at 6:30 pm at Independence Stadium. Shreveport would come away with a 3-1 win, matching the scoreline in the previous matchup between these two teams. Katy would fall to 1-4 on the season, while Shreveport would improve to 3-2.

It was a frustrating game, in which Katy could not seem to get a ball to bounce in their favor. Katy controlled much of the game in the early going, having several opportunities within the first ten minutes, but were unable to convert their chances. Shreveport’s lone dangerous opportunity early on would come by the way of a free kick about 25 yards out, that Harrison Veith tipped onto the crossbar. After several more attacks by Katy, Shreveport would break the deadlock in the 21st minute, taking the 1-0 lead.

12 minutes later in the 33rd minute, Katy conceded a penalty kick that was converted by Shreveport to extend their lead to 2-0. That scoreline would hold until halftime.

Katy kept pushing to find a goal in the second half, but again could not find the final ball. In the 65th minute Shreveport scored their third and final goal of the match to take a 3-0 lead. Katy, relentlessly, kept pushing for a goal and it seemed as though we could not buy one. In the 81st minute Sergio Loredo finally found a breakthrough and scored to pull within two goals, making the scoreline 3-1. This is how the match would finish, but not before Katy would go down a man, when Tutu Hernandez caught a high elbow forcing him out of the match. Katy, with no subs left , had to finish the match down to ten men.

Katy 1895 FC featured 14 players in the match with starters being Harrison Veith, Dawson Palomar, Jordan Bates, Tyler Sivadon, Devon Grant, Tutu Hernandez, Kelechi Onyewuenyi, Josh Moore, Sydney Tume, Sergio Loredo, and Abdullah Mirza. Making appearances off the bench were Juan Cairo, Alan Albornoz, and Luka Lazarevic.

“It basically comes down to our side,” Katy head coach Jimmy Krueger said. “We have to get more quality around the 18-yard box. We enjoyed a lot more chances than them over the course of the game. It’s something when you[Rafters] basically have three chances and get tjree goals, so they did their job and we just have to get better.”

Krueger had many compliments for the opposing goalkeeper.

“They insulted their keeper tonight by not giving him Man of the Match.  He made some key saves in big moments. It was a lot closer than the score indicated towards the end. We created while being up against some adversity and overcame some hiccups. But we’re a young team, the youngest team in the conference, and we look forward to getting where we want to be.”

Katy 1895 FC is back in action next Saturday, June 16th against Fort Worth Vaqueros FC at Farrington Field at 7:30 pm.


Contributor: Travis Aday/Katy 1895 FC
Photo Credit: Katy 1895 FC

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