Rhode Island Reds FC Defeats Greater Lowell NPSL FC 4-2

It was a testy game as Rhode Island Reds FC faced off against Greater Lowell NPSL FC on Saturday, June 9th. It took Fabrice Dogbey all of 35 minutes to net the first goal. Then, eight minutes later, his teammate Ronaldinho Diniz scored the second goal. The visitors ended the first half ahead with a 2-0 advantage.

In the second half, Dogbey gave Rhode Island their third unanswered goal in the 54th minute. But Greater Lowell rebounded and Cleon Price scored in the 60th. Then Stavros Zarokostos picked up a yellow card in the 68th and a goal in the 76th.

But, it was a night of repeats as Price scored a second goal for Greater Lowell and Zarokostos picked up a second yellow card at the 88th minute and was ejected. That’s how the game would end as Rhode Island secured the 4-2 win.


Contributor: Andrea Gauntlett and Joseph Moore/Greater Lowell NPSL FC
Photo Credit: Carl Gauntlett

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