Chattanooga FC Defeats Inter Nashville FC 2-0

Chattanooga FC traveled to Nashville Wednesday night to take on Inter Nashville FC and was able to secure a shutout and bring home the victory 2-0.

In the first minute of play, an Inter Nashville player fouled CFC’s Steven Rocca in the box and set a tone of physicality for the game. But, the quick shots by Charlie Clarke at the beginning, set the pace and urgency of the match.

The CFC midfield was slow to find structure, but the offence was quick to get shots off regardless. In the 25th minute of play, CFC started to get more comfortable on the field and fell into a comfortable rhythm of play. The team made several attempts on goal, but each shot came up short. Clarke had a breakaway at the goal in the 39th minute, and although he had a strong first half, he wasn’t quite able to find the back of the net.

In the 44th minute of play, right before the end of the first half, CFC’s Daniel Valenciano found the back of the net after the ball bounced off a defender from a Joao Costa shot. CFC finished the half with a 1-0 lead.

The second half started off with a lot of energy from CFC and it was obvious that both teams were ready for a good battle to finish the match.

Fifteen minutes into the half an Inter Nashville player received the first yellow card of the game. Shortly after, CFC keeper Phil D’Amico saved a risky shot as Inter Nashville heated up.

With 26 minutes left in the game, an Inter Nashville player received a double yellow card and was immediately sent off the field. Inter Nashville was forced to play the remainder of the match a man down.

With 20 minutes left in the game, CFC still pursued the goal relentlessly but was unable to put one away in order to secure the match. Only 14 minutes left to play and Everson Lima left the field with a slight injury, and Damian Gaona took his place on the back line.

There were several counter attacks by CFC’s offense; Charlie Clarke had two more attempts at goal that were just short of the net. With seven minutes left in the match, CFC substituted Costa off for a newcomer, Gabriel Gonzalez.

Pierre Bocquet had a phenomenal shot on goal from right outside the box and though on frame, Inter Nashville was able to make a save. Right after, Jose “Zeca” Ferraz came on for Santiago Moore, who contributed greatly to the offensive attack of the evening, and Jonathan Ricketts took Clarke’s place on the field.

Just a few minutes into his shift, Zeca was able to beautifully score right in front of the goal for CFC. This secured their place and CFC came away with the 2-0 win.

Contributor: Sarah Catherine Baker/Chattanooga FC
Photo Credit: Cindy Cooksey/Chattanooga FC

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