Palm Beach United Defeats Boca Raton FC 4-1

After a two-game losing streak with preparation, focus, and training Palm Beach United looked forward to Boca Raton FC. On a gorgeous night  at The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Palm Beach was ready to fight for three points.

As the game kicked off Palm Beach played a low block, stayed compact, and zonally cut off passing lanes. In the fifth minute Boca Raton FC had a free kick from 30 yards out on the right side of the field. With a beautifully driven ball to the far post, Alec Jon McKinley jumped for a header and connected, sending it far post over the keeper for a 1-0 lead.

As the first half continued Palm Beach knew that Boca Raton FC would be fast on the break and they were very effective as PBU worked their way into the game. They were building and creating more, but nothing sufficient enough to score.

In the 29th minute McKinley received his second yellow card and he would be dismissed from the game. Boca Raton FC stayed compact and continued playing their attacking game, holding the 1-0 lead and the man advantage.

Palm Beach United came up with a chance early in the second half just wide by Sebastian Andreassen. In the 51st minute a penalty was awarded to PBU and Andreassen beat the keeper to his right, placing it in the upper net.

In the 67th minute Markus Smarzoch scores a goal to put PBU up front 2-1. And in the 68th minute Roberto Kachan scores off of a shot from 25 yards beating the keeper far post, putting PBU up 3-1. Back-to-back goals gave a huge boost to PBU and the game turned around.

With a long ball from Andreas Ruiz in the 82nd minute and the center back misjudging the ball, Alex Satruistegi  was able to run in behind and finishing a breakaway that would put PBU up 4-1.

The game would end with that same scoreline and PBU would pick up another three points.


Contributor: Palm Beach United
Photo Credit: Erik Hort

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