FC Arizona finally got a much-needed win at home beating Real Jaliscience of the Arizona Champions League 3-1 on Saturday night.

“All these games that we play, we take it really seriously because when these teams come to play FC Arizona, they give 110 percent because they want to be noticed,” head coach Maxi Viera said.  “Tough team, Galati was (also) a tough team.”

After a scoreless first half, Esteban Santa Cruz scored in the 70th minute on an assist from Cesar Mexia.

Less than a minute later, Mexia got one of his own.

“We are getting better and to get better you have to go through tough times,” Viera said. “First half was a tough time for us. The second half the boys did what I told them to do.  Winning is always good because it makes you see how the team does when its winning.  We know how to win out at home at another stadium but we don’t know how to win at MCC, at Mesa Community College. But now we want to win for the cup and win against Albion at MCC.”

John Miller scored on a penalty kick right at the end of the game for the final goal.

“We are training, we are focusing on something else,” Viera said. “We are trying to grow this organization…a lot of these players this is the first time they are playing.”

FC Arizona returns to the NPSL schedule next Saturday, May 5, facing first place Golden State FC in Whittier, Calif.

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