FC Arizona snapped its home losing streak while playing at an alternate home field.

It took 24 minutes before Cesar Mexia got it in the goal, the lone score of the night for FC Arizona at Westwood High School in Mesa, instead of the usual home field of Mesa Community College.

“It was a tough game like every game,” Mexia said. “We needed to win this one. It was our first win at home.”

Mexia’s goal held up on a crisp night against the Riverside Coras.

“We’ve been working hard through the week to turn things around especially at home,” Mexia added.

FC Arizona head coach Maxi Viera said the team has been strong in games, but unable to seal the deal.

“In the past we have been dominating parts of the game, and we were not able to finish,” he said. “If we have one chance and we finish, we are a tough team to beat.”

FC Arizona improves to 2-2-1 on the season, returning to Mesa Community College next week for a home game against Orange County.

“The team is getting an identity and winning 10-0 or 1-0 at the end of the day there are three points,” Viera said. “I care to be prepared for other things we have in mind and that everybody starts getting back. I have players that are injured.”

That identity Viera had to build almost nothing after a NPSL Southwest Conference regular season champion of a year ago.

“A lot of good players left last year so I was left building from zero,” he said. “And that takes time. I am very happy with the result.”

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