Chattanooga FC Shows Up Big Offensively in Win Over Greenville FC

Midfielder Caleb Cole and defenseman Everson Lima both scored goals in Chattanooga FC’s 2-1 victory over Greenville FC, showcasing an aggressive offensive attack. Chattanooga’s dominance in possession early on in the first half was due much in part by Joao Costa’s aggressive style of play.

“It was good intensity, the guys defended well today. We needed these three points at home,” said Costa.

Costa had several shots on goal, but left the game midway through the second half with a possible concussion.

Chattanooga’s first goal came from Cole in the 26th minute, off of an assist by Cameron Woodfin.

“Everything happened so fast,” Cole said “I played it into Cam…  and there were two players in front of me and I saw a gap there, and they both hesitated a bit, so I took that touch between them, and hit the gap and went through and knew that the goal was there and I just hit it to the back post.”

Immediately after a goal by Greenville’s Jack Hoey in the 50th minute, Juan Hernandez lofted a long ball to Lima, who headed it in for the lead.

“I’ve been looking for the goal since the first half,” Lima said through a translator. “Juan was already looking for me… I went for it convinced I was going to score… I’m very happy for it.”

After securing the lead, Chattanooga took a much more defensive approach for the remainder of the game, managing the clock well while still pushing for a third goal and staying true to its nature as an aggressive side.

“It’s just who we are as a team,” CFC head coach Bill Elliott said. “It’s too late in the season to change how we try to play and what we are doing. We tweaked a few things tonight, but our plan was to try and go forward from the beginning and create goal-scoring chances.

“I wish we had some more players who were willing to sit in, but I don’t think that’s their thing. I’m not going to try and change who they are now.”


Contributor: Patrick Warren/
Photo Credit: Jim Tanner/

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